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About me

My name is Nick. I have been a Stargate fan since I saw the movie in theaters when I was 8. I then saw "Children of the Gods" in syndication in 1998. I tried to follow it through syndication but that proved difficult. I lost track in season 2 but discovered Stargate Mondays on Sci Fi six years later. I got caught up and have been watching new episodes live since "Gemini."

I am the Administrator of the Sons of Anarchy Wiki, Fringe Wiki, The Sanctuary Network and the Intelligence Wiki. I am addicted to TV and here is a list of all shows I have seen every episode of.



Stargate: SG-1

  • Jack and Daniel's scenes in Abyss.

Stargate: Atlantis

Stargate: Universe

  • Eli's reveal of his mother's illness. (Time)


Stargate: SG-1

Stargate: Atlantis

Stargate Universe


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{{Conjecture}} {{canon}} {{Infobox Battle |prev=[[]]<ref>{{cite|SGA|}}</ref> |conc= |next=[[]]<ref>{{cite|SGA|}}</ref> |name= |image= |conflict=[[Tau'ri-Wraith war]] |date=[[2008]] |place=[[Earth]] |result= |side1=[[Tau'ri]] |side2=[[Wraith]] |commanders1=[[Lt. Colonel]] [[John Sheppard]] |commanders2= |forces1=*[[Teyla Emmagan]] *[[Dr.]] [[Rodney McKay]] *[[Ronon Dex]] |forces2= |casual1= |casual2= }} The '''''' was an event that took place in [[2008]] during the [[Tau'ri-Wraith war]]. ==Prelude== {{Expand}} ==Battle== ==Aftermath== {{Expand}} ==References== {{Reflist}} [[Category:Famous battles]] [[Category:Tau'ri-Wraith war]]