• I live in Ireland
  • I am Female

About MeEdit

My favorite male characters of the entire Stargate series are Daniel Jackson and Meredith Rodney McKay.

Out of my favorite actors associated with the entire Stargate series, British-born Canadian actor David Hewlett is number one with Canadian actor Michael Shanks a close second.

Favorite Stargate SG-1 CharacterEdit

  • Daniel Jackson- The resident geek/nerd of SG-1 and also an archaeologist and linguist who regularly helps the team. Despite his innocent appearance, the episode "Absolute Power" showed us that Daniel is not someone you'd want as a villain.

Favorite Stargate Atlantis CharacterEdit

  • Meredith Rodney McKay- Arrogant, cocky yet a genius in his own right, McKay's part of Sheppard's team and like Sam Carter, is good at performing miracles despite being "mortally allergic" to anything lemon related. Like Daniel, I'm of the belief that McKay has a darker side as well.
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