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My name is Stephen F. Henneberry. I first started watching SG-1 on syndication on Fox, and was pretty much hooked. I sorta dropped off when the started killing the Goa'uld from Season 4 onwards, but I didn't really stop watching it until after Season 7. I mostly spend my time at Wookieepedia, where I am also there as SFH.

Articles written and worked on

Favorite quotes

"They must be coming back from a religious ritual."
"Why is it always a religious thing with you?"

—Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill in Cor-ai
"Things will not calm down, Daniel Jackson. They will in fact calm up."
—Teal'c in Thor's Chariot
"Hathor was the goddess of fertility, inebriety, and music in Ancient Egypt."
"Sex, drugs, and rock and roll?"
"More or less."

—Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill in Hathor
"What do you want?"
"To live."
"Can't help you there. That's between you and your god. Oh, wait a minute. You
are your god. That's a problem."
—Jack O'Neill and Apophis in Serpent's Song
"If it was just me, I'd agree. But come on, what about Teal'c? Is this the face of a crazy man?...Bad example."
—Jack O'Neill on the time loop in Window of Opportunity
"I've translated the circular inscription. My translation is a little vague, but I think it means "the place of our legacy"...or it could mean "a piece of our leg", but the first one seems to make more sense."
—Daniel Jackson in The Fifth Race
"Nope, it's time for Plan B."
"We have a Plan B?"
"No, but it's time for one."
—Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter in Orpheus
"All I'm saying is, for the record, this is the wackiest plan we've ever come up with."
"Wackier than straping an active Stargate to bottom of the X-302?"
"Oh, yeah."
"Wackier than blowing up a sun?"
"He's probably right."
—Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter in Fallen
"Come on, Sam. It can't be any harder than blowing up a sun."
"You know, you blow up one sun, and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water."
—Jacob Carter and Samantha Carter in Reckoning, Part 2
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