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==About me==
==About me==
Been an avid Stargate fan for many years. I own the entire series thus far minus Infinity and the yet released Complete Second Season of Universe.
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I don't have a favorite series. I have favorite episodes, which [[Window of Opportunity]] is my all time favorite and favorite SG-1 episode. [[Inferno]] for Atlantis as that episode just always impressed me with [[Common Ground]] a close second. [[Epilogue]] and [[Common Descent]] tie for my favorite in Universe in my mind.
I was sad to see the last series go but then again I was sad for all of them to go. I mainly edit articles for grammar, common facts and general things. I've recently started creating some that are lacking creation and uploading some images I've been snapping with VLC and the videos I've downloaded off Youtube.
Firefox + Video Download Extension + Youtube Account + Hazzano12e's videos of Universe and Atlantis = Having Everything since Season 4 of Atlantis on Home Server.
==My contributions==
==My contributions==

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