So, I've been a huge fan of Stargate since... well, since the original movie. I think its a great show. Funny thing is I don't really think I'm a "Gater" (a play on "Trekkie"). I just happen to remember everything they say on the show. So one day, I got board and stumbled upon this site and ... well, here I am. 

I thought it was neat how they made those character boxes and ship boxes, so I made my own. The one "Gater" aspect of me is about the ships. I do know a little too much about the ships.

Favorite ShipEdit

  • BC-304
    • Phoenix
      • Ah my beloved. If only you had appeared in the main reality. And no the Hammond doesn't count. Phoenix was badass. And you know it.
    • Daedalus
      • First of its class. It apparently took a very large gulp from the fountain of Escape-the-Inescapable. It has almost all the best battles. And its just fun to watch. Plus its assigned to Atlantis. Need I say more?
    • Odyssey
      • Earth's King of Badass. Even when it sucked, it was still awesome. Now its arguably the strongest ship in two galaxies. Fast as hell, upgraded by the Asgard themselves, and the patron ship of SG-1. What's not to love?

The Phoenix engages two Wraith Hive-Ships.

Other FavoritesEdit

  • Tau'ri
    • BC-303
      • Prometheus
        • It was the first. You've gotta love it. Even if it WAS really weak and
    • BC-304
      • Korolev
        • "is Russian. Is strong like bull."
        • I don't care if it was destroyed in its first battle. It was Russian! Its just inherently badass.
      • George Hammond
        • Named in honor of the Great Hammond of Texas (gesture toward head as if bald.)
  • Asgard
    • Bilskirnir-class ship
    • Vanir spaceship
      • Awesome SGA episode complete with Asgard, Daniel, an awesome space battle, and that scene where it drops out above the water. Plus it was an interesting change up from the norm.
    • O'Neill-class ship
      • The biggest baddest Asgard ship of all time named after the most awesome human I can think of. Plus, the only ship with enough firepower to melt the Replicator blocks. Not much to dislike.
    • Daniel Jackson (spaceship)
      • Named after Daniel, the ship that saved O'Neill, and directly involved in the final battle of the Replicators and Anubis. It earned its place among the badass.
  • Goa'uld
  • Wraith
    • Hive ship
      • Big and bad. Makes for some epic battles.
  • Ancient
  • Travelers
Daedalus Schematic

Daedalus Schematic

Favorite CharactersEdit

  • John Sheppard
    • My favorite in SGA. And possibly overall. He's just awesome.
  • Jack O'Neill
    • Quite possibly the coolest human of all time.
  • Thor
    • His little grey butt is more awesome than you will ever be.
  • Daniel Jackson
    • The guy who made the Stargate work and one of my favorite characters from the whole fanchise. Plus he ascended...and found Atlantis.
  • Teal'c
    • Indeed.
  • Apophis
    • "Bow before me! I am your god!"
  • Anubis
    • The baddest of the bad.
Asgard fleet

Space Games...Who can blow the Replicators to bits fastest.

Favorite EpisodesEdit

The space battle over Asuras


A devout fan of the Stargate Franchise since its start, I have created my own spin-off fanfiction of the Stargate universe, Stargate: Horizons.

I was pissed when they cancelled SG-1. Though it did feel like the show was losing steam, I was still ad to see the show end. I was much more pissed when they cancelled Atlantis. Not that I neccessarily liked Atlantis anymore than SG-1. It was just a much younger show that was just in the process of launching some new story arcs. And unlike SG-1, it felt like Atlantis was going storng, and ditching in for a show that might not make it seemed like a betrayal.

To me Universe has always felt like that one clip from 200 where the team was all younger and "hip". Heck, Scott almost looks like the guy who played young Mitchell. The problem with Universe was actually 2 things.

1) my lingering feelings about Atlantis and Universe's lack of an intro put a very negative stigma on the class before it even began.

2) Unlike that clip...nothing actually happenned in the show. Not to say that it wasn't well done. It just got too far into BSG territory and too far out of Stargate territory. It was a well done show that had already been done, and in creating it, it abandonned the original fan base. It lost its fan base which hurt its ability to maintain ratings.


When's the last time your home town did that!

Dislikes about GateEdit

I feel that SG-1 should have ended after Season 8. While I do feel that the new ships and weapons were cool, I think the plot was unneccesary. Though the Arthur Twist was still interesting I prefered the Egyptian mythology. That being said, the Ori storyline did have a great deal of potential and I think could have been quite compellling with a few changes and if it had been allowed to run its full course. Unending was a good episode as filler, but I'm not sure if it really fit as a series finale.

However, I feel that Atlantis was cut far too short. With some new story arcs just begining, I feel the ending was forced to be very abrupt. The show had a great deal of potential and with so many of the arcs left hanging, even after the finale, it felt just like what it was. A show in its prime cut terribly short and forced to work with the time it had left. Just like SG-1, the characters were complex and likable and the sets were beautifully constructed.

Odyssey beam weapons

Asgard Uber-beams. Because they're so frickin' Uber!

Favorite LinesEdit


Apartment 428, 234 Alteran Road, Atlantis, New Lantea, Pegasus Galaxy.


The two most awsome ships, in one scene.

Ships Made By MeEdit

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