A Fond Farewell to Stargate Atlantis, whose last episode ended mere moments ago

My Fascination in StargateEdit

I was introduced to the Stargate Franchise, namely Stargate: Atlantis, via an interview I read on actor Robert Picardo. As a trek fan, I was familiar with his work on Star Trek: Voyager. He had some sort of challenge for Trekkies to watch just a couple Stargate Atlantis Episodes, and not get hooked on. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I lost, getting hooked on from Rising. I downloaded the first episode from itunes, and am slowly doing the same for the rest of the series. In addition, I took the time recently to learn how to read the ancient scripture seen on screen, and have been translating anything that is not gibberish into english, with the help of knowledge in latin and the mythos of the show.

Current InventoryEdit


Stargate (both theatrical and extended cut versions) Stargate: Continuum

Stargate: SG-1Edit

Season 1: Children of the Gods, The Enemy Within, Emancipation Season 8: Covenant, Moebius (Parts one and two) Season 10:The Pegasus Project

Stargate: AtlantisEdit

Season 1: All
Season 2: All
Season 3: All
Season 4: All
Season 5: All

===Stargate Universe

All made so far, in 720p HD


Episodes & MoviesEdit

Stargate (movie) Atlantis Episodes: Rising, The Storm & The Eye, Before I Sleep, Brotherhood, Letters From Pegasus, The Siege Trilogy, Trinity, Aurora, Inferno, Tao of Rodney, and counting

Special EffectsEdit

As a user of the same software used to make the effects in the show, I'm very impressed some times by the effects done in TV shows. The following is a list of sfx that I found supremely impressive.

  • The Rising of Atlantis
  • The Storm of The Storm & The Eye two parter
  • The Siege of Atlantis.
  • The sequence and ship renders of Intruder
  • Trinity Debris Field
  • Aurora effects of entering the virtual reality
  • The Eruption and lava flows of Inferno
  • All effects of Hermiod
  • The deflection of the coronal mass ejection in Echoes
  • Replicator Planet Destruction in Be All My Sin's Remembered
  • Fly through from Michael's facility on one planet to his hive ship in orbit of another.
  • The gate explodes in First Contact
  • The Battle scenes over Earth in Enemy at the Gate

Current ProjectsEdit

I'm trying to expand all the summaries for Stargate Atlantis. Any help provided will be most grateful. Proofreaders or even those willing to write a few of them would be much appreciated. Also, because of my workload fluctuations, the rate at which these get done is questionable. Sometimes I can do more than one a day, and one every week. But I do not plan to stop writing these anytime soon.

Project Status, Season 1
Episode Status
Rising Completed
Hide and Seek Completed
Thirty-Eight Minutes Waiting
Suspicion Completed
Childhood's End Waiting
Poisoning the Well Waiting
Underground Waiting
Home Waiting
The Storm Waiting
The Eye Waiting
The Defiant One Waiting
Hot Zone Waiting
Sanctuary Waiting
Before I Sleep Waiting
The Brotherhood Waiting
Letters from Pegasus Waiting
The Gift Waiting
The Siege Waiting
The Siege, Part II Waiting

In addition, I have also started going through the episodes and replacing low quality images with higher quality ones.

Screencap potentialEdit

I am not sure as to the use of screencaps under fair use on this wiki, but if a cap is needed from any episode I own, I can provide it at 640x360 pixels. Just ask on my talk page.

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