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Anubis ascended form

Seriously, I am David Plaffy


I've seen you before.


Behold, the Legendary nose of Bozo.


4th of July, Atlantis style.

Stargate This user has seen every episode of Stargate SG-1, as well as the movie, The Ark of Truth, and Continuum.
Atlantis Stargate This user has seen every episode of Stargate Atlantis.
DestinyGateroom This user looks forward to the premiere of Stargate Universe.
Gate-bridge This user has a wide understanding of the Stargate universe.

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  • Horizon I love the concept, but not the delivery system.

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Dumb Stargate QuestionsEdit

  • How does a three sided Ha'tak Vessal land onto a four sided pyramid landing pad?
  • If Adria can semi-control Vala's mind, why doesn't Adria make Vala kill everyone?
  • If the Destiny was never ment to have passangers aboard it, why put a Stargate on it at all?
  • What the hell happend to the Nox?
  • If the SGC has signal jammers installed into it, how can SG-1 beam onto the 304s?
  • When Daniel is out of phase, why doesn't he fall through the floor?
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