• I live in Edinburgh
  • I was born on August 10
  • I am Male

About meEdit

Long-time Stargate fan,� I've written� a few fanfics about the series over the years.� I'm particularly proud of my AU Stargate Atlantis series The Phantom of Atlantis, where I reinvent John Sheppard as a tortured anti-hero with a mysterious past, although I'm also rather fond of Truth and Revelations (A Harry Potter/Stargate crossover where Daniel Jackson is Harry and Voldemort's come back as a Goa'uld) and Child of the Ancients, where Sam and Daniel learn that they have a son conceived during Daniel's Ascension who serves as the Ancient counterpart to Adria.

After spending some time leisurely browsing this site, I felt like taking the opportunity to share a few bits of interesting trivia I'd read or seen in the series with a wider audience; hope I can provide some interesting titbits for you.

My favorite pagesEdit

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