Raven Jones (Knightmare) is a Aero-Space Engineer with a minor in Theoretical Sciences. His interest in Aero-Space Vechiles and Exotic Weapons brought him a love of Sci-Fi at an early age, and he was hooked on Star Wars when he saw SW:ANH in 1977. He was a military brat who also joined the military (USAF) and has been around the world multiple times. His list of places visited include: Japan, Alaska, England, Wales, Germany, Italy, Spain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and many more. He also holds black belts in the martial art forms of Shotokan Karate, Shito-Ryu Karate and is trained in Kendo including using two sword at once.

Raven loves to watch SG-1, SG-A, Star Wars, and all five Star Trek. He also watches other Sci-Fi as the moment hits him. He enjoys it more in the last few years since his daughters have started to watch Sci-Fi as well

Raven is also a Free-lance writer, he is currently working on a behind the sceens book about the Imperial Royal Guards who came into formation during Chancellor Palpatine's Adminastration. Star Wars: Heart of Darkness should be avalible in December of 2005.

He Earned the name Knightmare in the USAF

Raven amassed the information on the Asgard, Tau'ri fleet, Goa'uld fleet and Much of the site information.

He aquires this information from the websites Gateworld, Wikipedia, and from his own memory of the show. Making changes and edits as required.

Knightmare also passed away in early 2006.

Is also Known as Raven and by his ISP#

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