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Origen has become alot more attractive to the males of the galaxys.

Hi, i have done very little with this wiki site,but I have extensivly edited another wiki site called Gateworld fleets 3.0 This link is to the homepage on that site, it is basicly a site were fans can make stuff up,like races and events,all for Stargate. The core members of GWF have begun construction on a new site, 4.0, here is a link to that page. I also am building a wiki called Animorphs alternate universe.

Since the Stargate franchise has come ot an almost complete halt(with the exception of novels and the occasional spoiler) Gateworld fleets are one of the best series I have ever found for the continuation of the Stargate universe, Stargate wikia is gonna have very little to add to it. Some jagoff has been messing with the homepage, but i believe we have fixed the problem(for now anyway). There are some rules however, like the Asgard did not self destruct, and the Ori are dead(if i remember correctly). It is impolite however to make something on purpose that directly counters a major event, which you can see in the main archives. New blood would be really good for the 3.0 site, as their are currently only 1-3 other people who edit stuff sometimes, because many of the main members are deployed or about to be deployed, there used to be alot of people. But new members are very welcome. Leave a mesage on my talk page on the Gateworld fleets site if you want some help.

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Shiny Toy.....

RP is no Happy feet let me tell you....

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