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Hey there, my name is Stan and I'm from The Netherlands. I started watching Stargate in 2005 and I've seen all episodes at least once. I've bought SG-1 seasons 1 through 8 and I'm thinking about buying the other seasons as well. I downloaded all the other episodes, as well as the Ark of Truth and Continuum.

I was shocked when I heared that Don had died from a heart-attack. I read the in memoriam on Joseph Mallozzi's weblog, it was beautiful.

Don, rest in peace.

Stargate[edit | edit source]

The first episode I've seen was Message in a Bottle. A friend of mine said that I would like it, and it wasn't a bad guess; I loved it! Suddenly, Stargate wasn't broadcast anymore in The Netherlands, so I bought a few seasons. As said, I bought seasons 1 through 8. I think they're great, especially the special features and that sort of stuff.

It was quite strange to see SG1 end. I loved the episode, but when they went through the gate at the end, it was some sort of cliffhanger for me. The Ark of Truth settled a lot of things, but still things weren't as they should be. When I finished watching Continuum, everything was done. I loved it. Well actually I didn't, because it was the very last. Fortunately, Stargate Atlantis did not stop, and I've already seen the first episode of Season 5. It was great, one of the best season pilots.

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In conclusion[edit | edit source]

It was great finding this wiki. It was just what I was looking for, and I'm ready to expand it, so everyone who needs information about Stargate can get it right here!

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