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I started contributing to this wiki in 2005 and was active until 2007. Now I just visit occasionally.

While I contributed quite a bit to the early development of this wiki, and I was an early administrator/bureaucrat, SGCommand was the founder. (Wikia accidentally gave me the badge. I'll let them know.)

my contributions to the Stargate Wikicity (now Wikia)

I'm not sure what may favorite episode is, but Window of Opportunity is high on my list.

which edit??[]

LOL, I just made my 499th edit on this wiki, but because achievement badges were just turned on, I got the badge for my 1st edit! This edit to my profile will be my 500th! (And that's not counting any that may have been unattributed because I forgot to login or something.) -- CocoaZen 06:12, September 25, 2011 (UTC)


Picture sources and stories:

User:Gary Luck drew this picture. He uploaded it to the Wiki Commons and released it to the Public Domain on 2 January 2005.


  • "A Matter of Honor"
  • "The Cost of Honor"