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Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. I'm Anubis 10545 - an administrator here. Below is a list of some of my Stargate favorites, along with pictures, links, etc. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions or concerns.

Jack O'Neill and Teal'c Juggling.

The Goa'uld System Lord Anubis.

A Pegasus galaxy Stargate in Atlantis.

Odyssey arrives over a planet.

The Odyssey orbiting Earth.

The Ancient City-ship Atlantis.

A Puddle Jumper evades weapons fire.

The partially completed Midway space station.

A Pegasus Spacegate.

Seems like a weird juxtaposition...

The Ancient Warship Aurora with the Daedalus

The Daedalus lands on Atlantis.

An Asuran City.

The Daedalus and Apollo arrive over M35-117.

The Daedalus orbits Lantea.

The Odyssey arrives at Atlantis.

The Daedalus and Apollo in space.

F-302s battle Wraith Darts over Earth.

A Daedalus-class warship orbits M35-117.

The Daedalus exits hyperspace.

The George Hammond under attck.

The Daedalus intercepts a massive Coronal mass ejection from Lantea's star.

An Asuran city-ship prepares to take off.

Several structures in the City-ship Atlantis.

The allied fleet after locating the Ori Supergate.

An O'Neill-class ship above the Prometheus.

The alternate Daedalus over M35-117.

The Odyssey fires on an Ori mothership.

An ori energy beam breaches Odyssey's hull.

The Odyssey under attack. "It's a Trap!"

Two Wraith cruisers approach the Daedalus.

The Apollo over Earth.

The Odyssey flies past a black hole.

Apollo over Asuras.

The Daedalus engages two Wraith Hive ships.

The Daedalus flees the Doranda system as Project Arcturus goes critical

The Daedalus over the Milky Way galaxy.

Destiny approaches a star.

... talk about looking bad-ass.

The Pegasus galaxy.

The Odyssey opens fire in battle.

The Odyssey confronts Baal's Ha'tak.

Odyssey evades two Ori warships.

Odyssey and an Ori ship shooting lazers and stuff.

The Odyssey fires at a cloaked Cargo ship.

The Daedalus in the battle.

The George Hammond.

A Wraith fleet over Lantea.

Daedalus exits hyperspace.

The Daedalus traveling through space.

The Apollo under attack by an Asuran Stargate satellite

The Odyssey over Orilla.

The Daedalus over M8G-352.

The Daedalus launching F-302s.

The Daedalus engages the Wraith fleet.

The wormhole of a Pegasus galaxy Stargate.

Atlantis rests on M35-117's oceans at sunrise.

FRAN, the most attractive woman in the Universe... literally. That nanite thing she did...

Well... maybe even without the whole nanite thing.

Rodney McKay - 2 time award winner for the quickest person on Atlantis to disarm a gun

The Daedalus opens fire on an Asuran ship.

A Wraith delegation boards the Daedalus.

The Daedalus' shields deplete.

The Odyssey opens fire on an Ori fleet.

The Daedalus orbits Taranis.

The Phoenix in battle.

SG-1 after having acquired a ZPM... and apparently a pastry as well.

Teal'c drinking half a gallon of steaming hot coffee.

Favorite Episodes

Stargate SG-1

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Stargate SG-1

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Universe

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Favorite Quotes

  • "We're building nuclear bombs, staying awake is sort of a prerequisite." -Rodney McKay
  • "I'm going to curl up in bed with the largest sandwich I can find." -Rodney McKay
  • "It's a ship. It goes through the gate. Gateship One." -Ford
  • "I didn't faint, I passed out from manly hunger." -Rodney McKay
  • "Is that that thing that made that guy do that thing? " -Burke
  • "I like the yellow ones." -Thor
  • "Tell him that the power-loop interface isn't jiving with your walkabout!" -Elizabeth Weir
  • "You wouldn't shoot an unarmed upside down man?!." -Rodney McKay
  • "Meredith Rodney McKay, yes, but I prefer to go by “Rodney.” Look, can we just stick to the point here? Look out the window. Much more interesting than my name." -Rodney McKay
  • "Yes, if only we had a magical tool that could slow time down. I foolishly left mine on Earth... Did you bring yours?" -Rodney McKay
  • "Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts. And I think you've got that in spades." -Hank Landry quoting Winston Churchill
  • "Two thousand years on the other side of the universe... and beef jerky survives." -Ronald Greer*"
  • "And, even if we're not in total control, shouldn't we be out there doing the damage instead of... in your office?" -Jack O'Neill
  • "I can get behind that!" -Wormhole Extreme! cast member
  • "There's nothing to be gained by second guessing yourself. You can't remake the past, so look ahead... or risk being left behind." -Vala Mal Doran
  • "The very young do not always do as they're told. Just a little something the Nox told me one time. Something worth taking home." -Jack O'Neill
  • "The galaxy is at a crossroads. Never before have I sensed that the future of so many worlds can turn on the actions of so few." -Davos
  • "Phhhh!!!! What is this!? What is this!? Who made this!? You made this!?" -Rodney McKay
  • "We were throwing some ideas back and forth — well, he was throwing them forth and I was throwing them back..." -Rodney McKay to Radek Zelenka
  • "Our mission is, and always will be, the journey itself." - Camile Wray

Halling: Halling
John Sheppard: I don't know what that means.
Marshall Sumner: It's his name!

Sheppard: How're you doing with the weapons?
Mckay: We couldn't hit the side of a barn.
Sheppard: But hive ships are a hundred times bigger...
Mckay: A giant, flying barn! We couldn't hit that.

McKay: Ever seen a twenty kiloton nuclear explosion?
Sheppard: I have.
Sheppard: (Everyone looks at him) Not up close.

McKay: What is the one thing keeping us from having a shield?
Weir: That would be ...
McKay: Power. And what does the mega-storm from hell have lots of?
Weir: Power.
McKay: In the form of ...?
Weir: You wanna build a windmill?!

O'Neill: I'm so sorry, but I was having a lovely brunch.
Ba'al: Impudence.
O'Neill: No, tuna.

  • "Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate." -Ronald Reagan
  • "Ooh, that feels good!" -A Stargate after an enormous amount of people go through it

Favorite Names

Favorite Scenes

  • The Prometheus' destruction over Tegalus.
  • The segment with the Phoenix in The Last Man.
  • When the Daedalus enters hyperspace at the end of Midway.
  • When the Odyssey descends through Lantea's atmosphere in The Pegasus Project.
  • Almost any space battle, especially one with a 304 in it.
  • The montage in Memento where they un-dig and re-erect the Stargate on Tagrea.
  • When a fleet of Puddle Jumpers shoot their way through an asteroid field to clear a path for Atlantis in Adrift.
  • When Jack is fighting the Replicators in the SGC, while Sam is fighting the Replicators on Dakara in Reckoning, Part 2.
  • When Cameron Mitchell talks to Teal'c on Dakara at the beginning of Avalon, Part 1 and afterwards talks to random Jaffa about if they want to join SG-1, and where the Chapa'i is.
  • When Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c are running through the SGC with the Intergalactic communication device, trying to get to the Gateroom and throw it into the Stargate's unstable vortex in the episode Origin.
  • When SG-1, Gen. Landry, O'Neill, and Walter go through the Stargate towards the end of the episode 200.
  • When Richard Woolsey is transported to the top of an obscure building in Atlantis' east pier in Ghost in the Machine after a transporter malfunction and has no idea where he is.
  • When Colonel Young flies out of the Stargate aboard the Destiny, narrowly escaping from the exploding Icarus Base.
  • In the episode "Light", when Col. Young states that "These are the wrong people" to Camile Wray.
  • In "Earth" when Everett Young and David Telford briefly changed consciousnesses while Young was having sex.
  • When Dr. Brightman arrives on Destiny in "Divided" and is disoriented and in disbelief over the current situation...
  • In the episode Blockade when the group is discussing Eli's plan to recharge Destiny inside a blue supergiant and Telford says "We use the communication stones and get the most qualified people aboard.", to which Rush responds "The most qualified people are already on board."
  • The montage at the end of Epilogue that shows Novus advancing over the past 2,000 years.

Favorite Battles

Stargate Dreams

These 155 dreams occurred over the course of several years... this isn't all I think about. Also, I wrote most of these within 5 minutes of waking up so the grammar might be a bit wonky.

  • I was standing on the bridge of the Daedalus when another 304 emerged from hyperspace almost directly in front of us (I was looking out of the window at the front of the bridge and so I could easily see it). However, the other 304 was 'upside down' and we couldn't get it right-side up (despite being in space).
  • I was climbing up an elevator shaft with Rodney Mckay.
  • There was a miniature Stargate in my garage with a regular size DHD, but I couldn't dial it.
  • There was a huge Stargate in my pool but I couldn't dial it because it was in about a foot of water (... something about the water blockading the event horizon too much... like a coverstone). I asked some people about it and they said it was called "The Build".
  • Apophis created this new robotic solider that resembled General Grievous from Star Wars III.
  • Sam owned a ship that resembled the neck portion of the Daedalus. It was parked in the middle of a grassy meadow, and she was wearing clothes from the episode 1969.
  • I was stuck with SG-1 in a small, square room that had high metal walls. The room was filled with piles of snow and we were trying to find a way out.
  • I found a Zat'nik'tel but was unable to fire it.
  • I was watching an episode of Stargate Atlantis in which a group of primitive villagers had damaged the Daedalus. The ship was flying up and down in an exceedingly erratic manner, meanwhile trying not to crash under a moonlight sky on another planet. Samantha Carter was on the ship and was trying to effect repairs.
  • I was in the Puddle Jumper with Jack and Sam on the episode It's Good to Be King.
  • I found a ZPM and had to power up Atlantis's shield before the city was destroyed. (Like Rodney Mckay in The Siege, Part 3).
  • I had an Ancient computer, like the ones in the control room of Atlantis.
  • I was reorganizing the Ancient computers in the control room of Atlantis after a flood had occurred. After debating the new location for them with Dr. Weir, I decided to put them on the stairs leading to the Stargate.
  • The Aurora was actually named something that started with the letter 'H'. I had a picture of five people from its crew that was in black and white that looked like it was taken in the 1920's.
  • I was in the parking lot of a local supermarket and was told that the supermarket's corners were 'protected by Thor' (whatever that means).
  • A massive storm was approaching Atlantis and I was putting in 3 ZPM's to power the city's shield. 2 were completely full but the third one had barely any power left so it was the same height as the others, but very skinny.
  • I had Ronon Dex's gun and was firing it to show people how it worked. The first shot fired fine... but with the second one, the gun blew up in my face. Then Col. Sheppard said he would fix it.
  • A group of tourists were in Atlantis. When we turned on the shield, they started throwing things at it to see what it looked like.
  • I was on the bridge of the Daedalus and Col. Sheppard and his team were talking to Col. Caldwell in full gear.
  • I was helping to find and capture a Wraith in a dark, misty building.
  • I was climbing around an apartment complex in order to evade a wraith. I soon saw Col. O'Neill and Teal'c near the pool (who were in full gear) and I assisted them in capturing the Wraith.
  • Dr. Zelenka was using 3 ZPM's to power Atlantis's shield. They were brought out to him on a large tray and while he was inserting them, he got mad at me because I was annoying him.
  • I dreamed I had a dream about Stargate and was trying to remember what it was (in my dream).
  • A Wraith Hive ship was on its way to Earth, so the Prometheus and Daedalus were sent to attack it once it got there. When the Hive arrived, it descended into the atmosphere and hovered a few hundred feet off the ground and launched some darts, (but it was actually hovering over the Halo 3 map Avalanche). Then both earth ships began bombarding the hive using their Railguns. Despite this, the Hive didn't return fire. Then after several minutes of firing, the Daedalus ran out of railgun rounds but the Prometheus continued to fire. Then after several more minutes, the hive ship exploded into a huge blue cloud.
  • I was helping to make emergency repairs to the Daedalus (which was orbiting Lantea at the time) after it was in a battle with a wraith ship.
  • The alien ship (apparently named Stromos) from the SG-1 episode Lifeboat was making an emergency landing on an alien planet, but before it touched down, it sent down a craft that looked like the mars rover which contained the energy signatures of about 5 people from the ship's crew.
  • A group of Wraiths were going to feed (just a little bit) off of a group of Humans from Earth in a large, grassy field... just so the humans would know what it felt like to be fed upon in the case it was really happening to them. I was one of the people, but I managed to hide behind another person who was fed upon, and so they didn't notice me.
  • A Wraith Hive ship was in orbit of Tollana and was about to attack. The Tollans then fired Ion cannon blasts at it but they inflicted no damage to the hive. Then the Daedalus arrived and destroyed the Hive using its railguns.
  • Someone changed the name of the page Traveler generational ship to another name that had four words. (Although I can't remember what it was)
  • Someone created the page "The Sun" and placed it in the category of Natural phenomena. The page contained only one sentence and a list of about 20 broken links all of which had nothing to do with the sun.
  • The Prometheus went on a mission to destroy a Ha'tak. However, because the ship was outdated and underpowered, it inflicted almost no damage. Then the Daedalus arrived and provided cover fire for Prometheus before they both escaped into hyperspace.
  • I was watching a commercial for Stargate SG-1. It showed Jack and Teal'c from the waist up, just standing up and not moving. Then Carter and Daniel joined them and did the same thing. After a few more seconds, Daniel started to look at a person's skeleton, which was also standing up, and the eyes started to glow blue. Then outside my house, skeletons started jumping out of the ground, only some just collapsed because they didn't have any skin. But others could walk around because there was still some muscle on them that held their bones together. (weird)
  • I bought a box of Stargate SG-1 breakfast cereal. The picture on the box was just like the image seen here: Stargate SG-1 on
  • I was on a human planet with an SG team from Atlantis, and we were trying to convince the inhabitants to evacuate because the Asurans were about to attack (like at the beginning of Be All My Sins Remember'd). However, before we could get everyone evacuated, a giant beam shot down from the sky and destroyed an Ancient Warship that was landed on the planet's surface. Then, the Daedalus started approaching the planet in space.
  • I was helping to get the Phoenix fully operational (like Rodney and Sam in The Last Man) and was inserting crystals into the ship's Asgard core.
  • I was in the control room of Atlantis when the Stargate activated. It was an Asuran replicator woman who sent a video message saying that she wanted to meet with us. (This seemed kind of similar to Progeny and in First Strike when they were contacted by Oberoth) Apparently she wanted to negotiate a truce between our two peoples. Then we were in my house and she needed to use the bathroom... where she soon became angry at me because she thought I was somehow eavesdropping on her. It was very strange.
  • I was in Atlantis and we were attacked by a swarm of Wraith darts. Before they could damage the city, we raised the shield and Dr. weir said "Get cloaked Jumpers out there". The Daedalus was on Atlantis at the time, so it lifted of the city and engaged the darts.
  • I was watching Stargate Atlantis, and the camera was zooming in and out showing different aspects of the outside of the city. This was set to the SGA opening theme music and it was showing the credits like it normally does for the regular opening. Then the show started and thirty two minutes into it, they were still running credits like they normally do for the first couple of minutes of the show at the bottom of the screen.
  • We (as in Stargate Command) had a Ha'tak class vessel and were using it to store our Daedalus class ships. In the main hanger, there were five but there was the space for several more. However, a member of the Lucian Alliance infiltrated the ship leaving only him and Vala Mal Doran on board, as he was doing this to get revenge on Vala. He was then somehow able to remotely control each of the 304s and launched all five. I was on the Daedalus at the time (which was not in the Ha'tak). As to not let our ships fall into enemy hands, we started firing our railguns at them, but soon switched to Asgard beam weapons as railguns caused little damage. However, before we could damage the first ship, I woke up.
  • I was with SG-1 and we were trying to escape a Goa'uld infested planet. However, the Stargate was heavily guarded and we needed to get to it as quickly a possible. (This was incredibly similar to the part in the episode 200 where Martin has a scene in his movie where SG-1 has to get to a well guarded Stargate in under 10 seconds).
  • I was on the Daedalus and we were under attack by the ship in The Daedalus Variations. We then started to flee as our weapons inflicted little damage. However, they launched fighters and pursued us... that is until another Daedalus jumped out of hyperspace right in front of us, along with a fleet of F-302s, which, in their opening salvo, quickly destroyed all enemies fighters. Then that Daedalus told the enemy ship to surrender or be destroyed (or something like that). So the enemy ship departed peacefully. Our Daedalus left going to the left, the other Daedalus left going straight, and the enemy ship left going to the right.
  • I was John Sheppard and the rest of my team and I (not AR-1 though) were in the middle of a dense forest trying to rescue SG-1 from the Ori soldiers escorting them. As we were walking, we eventually came across a large cache of Tau'ri weapons laying on the ground, from which I gave everyone a P-90 and pistol. I, however, took one other gun that you could sort of use to snipe with. We then spread out and began assaulting the ori soldiers until, unfortunately, me and one other person were the only ones left. Because I was now angry that most of my team had died, I started shooting crazily at the Ori soldiers and ran while using 2 of my three weapons at the same time. Eventually, we managed to defeat all of them (although at this point I had forgotten all about SG-1). I then slid down a tunnel made of foliage, and emerged in an almond orchard.
I (still being John Sheppard) was walking down a dirt road in the middle of the almond orchard with the remaining member of my team. I picked two almonds off a tree, pealed and ate the first one, but halfway through eating the second, Ronon Dex became visible only a little ways down the same dirt road. However, he was possessed by Michael's hybrids. I then fired an entire round of bullets into him with my P-90, but the bullets had absolutely no effect on him, and he was soon sanding directly in front of me. Then Rodney McKay and I were in a warehouse with a group of Michael's hybrids. They put Rodney and I on a pallet and then squashed us underneath a very heavy box, which didn't kill or hurt us, but we couldn't move. We were then transported to a place where someone else they wanted was... and they hoped that they would exchange us for them.
  • I was on the Daniel Jackson and was helping Thor modify the replicator disruptor so it would work again (Very similar to New Order). We finally did, but we knew it would only work once before they would adapt. So we had to choose if we were going to use it on Replicarter or Fifth. Ultimately, we chose Fifth.
  • Richard Woolsey was in command of the Daedalus and came across a massive ship that had the appearance of a giant skyscraper. He flew the Daedalus within only a few yards of the other ship and fired Asgard plasma beam weapons at it. After about 10 shots, we managed to lower their shields. We then got 2 more shots off directly on their hull before the ship was surrounded in a bright white light and disappeared.
  • I was in the control room of Atlantis and Chuck said that the Asuran Stargate satellite was in orbit of Abydos. (Apparently we put it there after the events of First Strike). However, moments later, a second Asuran Stargate satellite appeared in orbit of Atlantis along with an Asuran warship. The ship then descended into the atmosphere and crashed into the ocean. However, because its shields were active, the ship was only half-sunken, but every one on board was dead. Then, the power systems of Atlantis began to overload (like in Critical Mass). This was apparently caused by the Asuran Stargate satellite. We were forced to evacuate the city, but we couldn't decide if we wanted to commandeer the Asuran warship, or take a Puddle Jumper. We ultimately chose the Jumper as it would have taken too long to get the Asuran warship, and because Dr. Weir said that the ship wouldn't provide any tactile advantage, (Daedalus-class warships being far more powerful).
  • I overheard a group of Tau'ri of Stargate Command from a parallel universe talking about the Ion guns (not beam weapons) on a 305 class ship.
  • I was playing the Halo 3 level Valhalla and you could play as a Puddle Jumper. You could fire drones 3 at a time and fire yellow energy weapons.
  • I was talking with a person from the Ori army shortly after the events of Unending. She was upset that we destroyed two Ori motherships and that we had completed another 304 class battlecruiser called the Dillard. However, she couldn't remember if it was the Daedalus or the Dillard that was completed.
  • There was a fence in my backyard, with a section of it that was three pieces of wood super-glued together. However, when I pulled the pieces of wood apart, three alternate realities became visible, and I saw three Teylas. I was then in a room in my house, and most of AR-1 was there, along with Jennifer Keller. We had put some sort of cloth-like material all around the walls and ceiling so we would be able to know where the boundaries of our own reality was.
  • I was playing a video game where you could play as various ships during the battle of P3Y-229. These ships included ones from the Stargate universe and the Star Trek universe. (Although then it turned more into a star trek-like thing, so lets not go into that).
  • I was watching Stargate: The Ark of Truth in one of my classes. However, I didn't get past the opening (which was the Original movie opening to the SGA opening theme music), as I woke up.
  • Samantha Carter was on the Apollo shortly after the events of Lifeline. However, in the Apollo's hanger bay was the Daedalus (albeit a very small version with a neck 4 times the length of the body). Carter then flew an F-302, but instead of it being an actual spacecraft, it was just a pair of wings that she strapped herself to.
  • I was looking at screenshots of the episode The Lost Tribe and saw the Daedalus being escorted by two wraith hive ships. The Daedalus the fired one shot of its Plasma beam weapons at one of the Hives.
  • A white smoke had completely enveloped my neighborhood and started to seep into my house. To protect ourselves, we erected a Goa'uld-Ancient shield that could fit around my entire house.
  • Michael Kenmore was on Earth at night along with several of his hybrids. He had one Wraith cruiser and a Wraith scout ship, which he beamed directly out of the cruiser as flew around a densely packed city.
  • The Odyssey was battling Ori ships in the Battle of the Asgard Legacy. However, after successfully destroying the first ship, the Ori adapted their shields to resist Asgard plasma beam weapons. Because of this, the Odyssey inflicted no more damage and was destroyed.
  • I was watching SGA during the Battle of M6H-987 when the Traveler ship engaged the final Lost Tribe starship. However, the Traveler ship got much closer to the Lost Tribe's so when it exploded, you could see the ship more clearly.
  • SG-1 and I were on a fairly primitive human world in the Milky Way galaxy. We had apparently saved their people, or planet, or did something nice for them as they were very grateful and polite. We were standing in front of an active Stargate ready to leave. However, the Staragte had no dhd, so to activate it, the locals on the planet activated a deployable cover from Halo 3 near the Staragte, which was able to somehow power it. Jonas was at the SGC and talked to O'Neill (I think) through the Stargate and they said something along the lines of goodbye. Then O'Neill and (maybe Daniel or Teal'c) were beamed up (or possibly ringed up) to a ship a few hundred feet in the air, which resembled the neck portion of a Daedalus-class ship. I remained at the Stargate, and then Carter and another unknown SG team member walked away from the gate into the forest.
  • I was unwrapping a new satellite television system I had apparently purchased. Aside from the remote being 1.5 ft. long and 4in. wide, when I opened the instruction manual, it was filled with schematic-like drawings of a Daedalus-class ship
  • I had apparently been out of town and asked Ronan and Teyla to watch my house (my old house) for me while I was away. When I returned, the front door was unlocked (because Ronan didn't know how to use a deadbolt) and I heard Teyla shout something like "In here" from another room. I went to look for here, but I couldn't find her.
  • I was in the SGC (although it was really more of an unfinished building, with several sections of it and exposed to the open air.) Anyway, I was trying to find someone (along with a family member) but was having little success in doing so. So, we decided to split up. They went to the control room, but he told be to stay where I was. However, after he left, I decided to go down a set of stairs right next to me. When I went down them, I saw my German teacher (and this one German exchange student) laughing hysterically while looking at a waist-up sculpture of Frankenstein's monster they built using things like buckets and tools.
  • I was in a warehouse of some sort for MGM television props. It was dark, and only me and one other person was there. Anyway, I came across a prop Milky Way Stargate that was used in the show. Directly in front of it was the ramp to the gate. I started to walk on it towards the gate, but all of a sudden, the Stargate was 20ft. away.
  • Rodney McKay and John Sheppard were on a rather primitive planet in the Pegasus galaxy on which all of the inhabitants spoke Ancient. It was dark and stormy, but they were in a car from Earth and, apparently, they were looking for someone. However, they had absolutely no leads. They stopped the car and started having a conversation about the missing person and how to find them. Finally, Rodney said "Lets just ask them" (and after that, he said the equivalent of "Where she is", but in Ancient.) At that moment, the leader of the village came up to the car's window, speaking English, and said that he would tell them where the person was.
  • This dream takes place around Season 7 of Stargate SG-1. The SGC had apparently constructed another Prometheus-class battlecruiser. However, because they were having trouble finding enough naquadah and trinium to fully construct it, they had not yet used the ship as they feared it could break apart. Eventually though, they launched the ship anyway. But, before it could even get into orbit, the neck portion of the ship crumbled apart, which ultimately destroyed the rest of the ship. (Despite my best efforts to hang onto all of the info on this dream, I think the ship's name was something along the name of "Gail") (Maybe not though, because I think it was a German word).
  • I was watching a television commercial on Sci Fi Channel for Enemy at the Gate. On it, they said something about the Daedalus, and then cut to a scene where a railgun turret on it was shooting at the ship's neck. Then it cut to a scene where the ship's neck was covered with frost/ice.
  • I had constructed a (2ft. by 3ft. ... or so... it was fairly large) Lego replica of the Daedalus, and was trying to keep someone from smashing it.
  • I was watching the first episode of Stargate Universe. For the opening of the show, It was just a Milky Way Stargate dialing with some really weird and awful music playing for the theme song. However, on the Stargate, each section of the gate between the chevrons was a different color... IE: purple, yellow... Also, each chevron was a different color when it lit up. It was really awful looking.
  • I was in an empty F-302 bay on a 304 along with what appeared to be several Wraith. I think they killed me (or something did as I was dead). The Wraith's face was sort of flesh colored (opposed to bluish-green) and it was happy I was dead.
  • I was talking to Todd on the balcony on my house and he was saying "Dry as a desert outside" and speaking like he did in Vegas. Then, inside my house (although it was more like a cafe) I was sitting at a small table talking to either John Sheppard or Rodney Mckay about the show.
  • Several Traveler ships were involved in the Battle of the ZPM powered Hive Ship. Over Earth, they opened fire on the Hive ship along with several Daedalus-class ships.
  • I was watching a Stargate Atlantis episode from Season 4 with Larrin in it. She was talking with Samantha Carter in Atlantis' conference room about a (rather ugly) shirt Carter had. Although Larrin looked like she gained 20 pounds...
  • Rodney McKay was talking with Malcolm Tunney like in the episode Brain Storm. This dream was pretty similar to that episode.
  • The infoboxs here (on Stargate wiki) for starships included a section at the bottom for the vessel's service number. IE, Daedalus would be 001...
  • Col. Caldwell/Mitch Pileggi had apparently been living in my house for quite a while as we were all making a big deal over him finally leaving. He said he was leaving because Stargate Atlantis was canceled, and thus he was no longer needed.
  • I was on the ZPM powered Hive Ship and was trying to damage it. I came across some tubes that connected the inside of the ship to the outside (open to space) and walked though them. I then threw a plasma grenade at that area, but it inflicted minimal damage; only very small blue chips of hull came off.
  • Several other people and I were aboard an Ori mothership traveling through hyperspace. However, no one was actually aware of where we were and where we were going (except for the ship's crew). Before I was able to discover that we were in fact on an Ori ship, it was very reminiscent of a Cruise ship (boat)... meaning everyone onboard was partying (and one guy was even wearing an Hawaiian shirt).
  • The Covenant (The main antagonists from the Halo series) were going to attack Earth within a few days. As to not let it fall into enemy hands, we put the Stargate aboard a small transport ship (which looked like an over-sized, two story tall covered wagon), which would then take it to a much larger Battlecruiser in space. However, moments after the transport fired its engines, it was shot down by a Covenant ship. Because of this, the Stargate crashed down into my backyard (which was where the ship had been launched from). As to not let the Covenant find it, we decided to bury it in my backyard. We put just enough dirt over it to completely cover it, but not too much so that it could still receive and incoming/outgoing wormhole.
The next day, a three person (Human) team assaulted my house it order to find the Stargate. I faced them off in my garage, armed only with a machine gun. I took cover behind a car and I actually was able to get a few shots off on them. However, the bullets had virtually no effect as my gun's battery (a rechargeable electric drill battery) was nearing depletion. Because of this, the bullets weren't firing as quickly or as effectively. Eventually, it got to the point where liquefied bullets were just dripping out of the barrel. For some reason though, the three-person team took something from my garage and then left. I then got a charged battery but it was too late - they were gone. The following night is when the Covenant finally arrived. ~ I don't remember much after that though, but I'm pretty sure there was a large space battle and the Stargate and its DHD were taken aboard a ship. Another thing to note is that at some point during this dream, I saw a news bulletin on TV which stated that there were currently 40 Stargates on Earth.
  • The Prometheus was in battle with another small ship and fired weapons similar to the weapons it fired in Full Alert. However this time, you could see the weapons more clearly and that they were in fact missiles.
  • In Halo 3's Forge option, I was able to create a 'model' of Atlantis and put it in the ocean. However, it was actually a much smaller version of the city that you could walk across in about 30 seconds. It was also missing the Control Tower. Then, somehow, Atlantis was back on Earth in the middle of a busy city with large skyscrapers at night. Apparently it was here because of the events that occurred in Enemy at the Gate. Anyway, I was in the city on a balcony looking out. Larrin was also there. She asked me about all of the buildings you could see around the city, and I told her that it was all a projection... that we could project images around the city and instead of the normal Lantean building we usually project, we decided to do buildings from Earth.
  • I was in my house and, through a window, I saw a cloud that looked exactly like a Wraith cruiser from the bottom. I wanted to find a camera and take a picture of it but I couldn't find a camera.
  • I was in the Hanger bay of the Daedalus along with Walter and General Landry. The bay was almost completely empty except for a Stargate mounted on a platform in the middle. General Landry was trying to pull the Stargate free from the platform (without much success) until (after several tries) Walter easily and quickly unlatched the mechanism securing the gate by flipping a switch.
  • I was trying to remember the name of a Stargate Atlantis episode that someone had asked me about. At first, I though of the SG-1 episode Prodigy, but I finally remembered it was the SGA episode Progeny (both sounding similar). After finding out the name (and actually coming to Stargate Wiki to look it up) I watched the episode. However, in it, Atlantis flew to Asuras and landed in the ocean. It was surrounded by several other Asuran City-ships, all with raised shields, and they were all sort of 'bobbing around' in the water.
  • I was watching a commercial for Stargate:The Ark of Truth. In it, for about 10 seconds, they showed the Odyssey being bombarded by fire from the fleet of Ori ships in the Battle in the Alteran Home Galaxy.
  • General Landry was in Atlantis shortly after the events of "Midway". Because of the previous Wraith infiltration of the Midway station, he sent to it a contingent of marines to keep it secure (despite being destroyed). He also sent the Apollo on a mission to rescue the crew trapped aboard the Destiny.
  • I saw a television commercial for a new Stargate space-shooter game. In it, it showed a close-up of a 304 and then zoomed out to show an entire fleet of Earth ship preparing to jump into hyperspace in a void with a blueish-white nebula in the background. While most of the ships were 304s, quite a few were of a different class which had not been shown on the series. However, they were still reminiscent of Earth-constructed ships. (Too bad they don't really make a game like that :(

Point of interest

  • (This dream was supposed to be the actual SGA series finale.) Anyway... A single Wraith Hive Ship had arrived over M35-117 (while Atlantis was still on it) and discovered the city. This Hive then contacted another Hive Ship, which promptly arrived in the system. In response to the Wraith presence, The Atlantis Expedition sent an Aurora-class battleship in orbit to confront/combat the Hives. However, instead of engaging the Aurora-class ship, both Hives simply held position on the very outskirts of the star system (in front of a rather large and beautiful blueish-white nebula). While at this location, the Hive ships practiced combat maneuvers - launching hundreds of darts, which flew in swarms back and forth between the Hive Ships and the surrounding area.
After a while, however, these darts made a sudden run for the Expedition's Aurora-class ship, opening fire, and causing a rather large explosion to occur towards the rear of the ship. The Aurora then raised shields (as to deflect the main weapons fire from both Hive Ships) and launched a massive and continuous swarm of drones in response directed a both Hives. However, our Aurora-class ship was somehow defeated and the two Hive ships started approaching the planet.
I was then in my house and had apparently woken up at roughly 4:00am to use my bathroom. However, it was occupied by another member of my family. When they emerged, they said that if I went inside, I would be transported across the galaxy and I might never be able to return home (because the bathroom was actually a ship). When I went inside, however, I wasn't transported, but I somehow sent a message to a parallel universe... which inadvertently alerted an alien race to our presence.
Then, back over M35-117 (which the two Wraith Hives had started approaching) thousands of small, satellite-like crafts appeared in orbit and completely surrounded the planet, practically obscuring M35-117 below from view. At first, we believed that it was the Wraith who had brought the satellites (thinking it was what they did after they conquered a planet). However, the technology seemed radically different from anything the Wraith were known to have. All of the satellites immediately started emitting a green light. Then, a giant, translucent, red force-field was projected from each of them, which connected all of the satellites together in a grid to form a sort of 'planetary shield'. This force field completely surrounded the planet. Only a small group of humans (including Samantha Carter and the others aboard the Daedalus) were separate from the Atlantis Expedition members hopelessly trapped on the planet below. The two Wraith Hive Ships were in high orbit of the planet at the time, and after these events, they presumably left.
It was then several weeks later and the planet was completely under the control of the hostile aliens that had sent the satellites. (They were the race from the parallel universe that I had accidentally contacted from my bathroom). They had apparently created a massive underground prison on M35-117 and, aside from detaining Atlantis Expedition members, they also had several aliens who were... well, "really funky looking". There also appeared to be some parts of the prison that looked like they were above ground too. Anyway... in order to disguise their identity (for some reason) the aliens dressed all Expedition members like themselves ("really funky looking". They actually looked similar to the Judoon from Doctor Who).
Rodney Mckay was also trapped in this prison and was disguised as one of the aliens. Being the klutz that he is, he repeatedly was getting into trouble (such as by going into restricted areas or by annoying one of the guards). Because of his offenses, the guards were always shocking Rodney with a small, hand-held, green-colored device.
  • I was watching an episode of Stargate: Atlantis that appeared to be from the first season as everyone wore the old-style uniform and the overall atmosphere seemed "dark" and "confused". In it, Teyla spoke of how there was a massive planet on the very outskirts of the Pegasus galaxy which the Wraith used to grow Iratus bugs on (although there was somehow supposed to be a fairly large human population on it too). Anyway, the expedition sent several Jumpers to explore the planet (via spacegate), but when they arrived, the Jumpers discovered that the planet was surrounded by a massive wall of thousands of Wraith darts, which soon opened fire. The Jumpers then cloaked (as to not be destroyed) and the planet then somehow morphed into a Hive ship, which several darts (apparently controlled by the expedition) started to fire at.
  • I was playing a video game where you could control a 304 and fire its Asgard plasma beam weapons.
  • I was watching, what I thought to be, the Final Cut of Children of the Gods. However, it was actually the beginning of the Stargate (movie). In it, it showed a view of the Solar system and several other planets, before Earth eventually came into view. Then, it cut to the arctic and an ocean full of icebergs.
  • I was on SG wiki looking at an article we had about the submarines featured in the show. There was one submarine, Irene, that was actually featured in a Stargate book with the same name. On the book's cover, it sowed the Irene in the arctic, punching through a sheet of ice (like the Alexandria in Stargate: Continuum).
  • It was the night Stargate Universe was set to air and, moments after the episode started, I realized that it wasn't recording. Therefore, I was going to set up the show's second airing the same night to record.
  • I was watching Air (kind of), but I was also sort of part in it. Nicholas Rush and I (with lot of other random people) were in some building (like a large cafe or something). When we left, we approached a Destiny-style Stargate, which was in a parking space in the parking lot. We went to activate it (which we had to accomplish manually) by spinning the gate itself. After each chevron locked, the gate would shake really violently, and it started to looked more like a large version of Orlin's Stargate. At that point, I began to wonder when we were going to get to the part where Icarus Base is attacked. We then stepped through the gate and arrived in the Destiny's gate room.
  • I was watching The Siege, Part 3 during the part where the Daedalus ambushes 12 Hive Ship. Before cutting to the battle, it showed a group of people in Atlantis' conference room watching the battle on a computer screen.
  • I was watching an episode of Stargate Universe where a small team of people were on a planet at night. However, they actually started to shoot something! I was there and, apparently, we were being attacked by something we couldn't see... So, I took position with a P90 behind a bush and started shooting randomly (hoping to hit something). However, I barely missed accidentally shooting, TJ. I mean, it was dark out.
  • I was in some sort of secluded desert location (likely the middle east) and I was somehow affiliated with the SGC (I had actually used communication stones to change bodies to become that person I was in). I had been sent there to establish a really small, make-shift military "fort" (meaning erecting some tents...). To help with the fort, some middle eastern woman approached me... and her name was Kiva. In fact, she had been so helpful that even after the military personal arrived, we decided to give her a military position. However, we believed her to be the Kiva that attacks the Destiny in a later episode, but gave her the position anyway.
  • Anubis' mothership was attacking what I think was an Asgard planet. However, the Asgard had no ship in the area for defense. However, as we were visiting, or something, we had a single 304 (which I was one). Our ship then radioed for backup. As the battle progressed, every 2 or so minutes another 304 would emerge from hyperspace with "Asgard plasma beams blazing" until our entire fleet of 5 ships had arrived. However, upon the arrival of each ship, the entire neck would be briefly engulfed in a plum of fire, caused by Anubis' mothership opening fire. Soon, every ship in the fleet was on fire, and several ships may have been destroyed.
  • I was watching an episode of SGU where Col. Telford was speaking to Emily Young about how he wanted to have a relationship of some sort with her.
  • I was in Atantis during The Siege, Part 3. Even though the Daedalus didn't show up, we still somehow had 2 ZPMs that we installed and used to activate the cloak. Then the attacking Hive Ship left.
  • I had the type of gun that Col. Young or Sgt. Greer use (with that huge... thing protruding off the rear). However, each magazine only held 6 bullets, several 5-volt batteries, and several screwdriver heads. Also, the magazines went in the top of the gun, like a P90.
  • This takes place sometime after Stargate: Continuum (as I saw the DVD case in a room somewhere). Anyway, I was on the Daedalus and was walking through several corridors and in and out of several rooms. Soon, however, we started to attack another 304 somewhere in open space. Both ships took heavy damage as the shields failed soon after Asgard plasma beam weapons were employed by both ships. Samantha Carter was there and she suggested that we fire upon the nose section of the "enemy" 304 (although it too was controlled by Tau'ri... not quite sure why we were shooting them). Soon after doing that, the nose section of both ships were sort of transparent.

Point of Interest

  • I was in the Halo 3 level Sandbox. There, I was told (by an aquatic alien race) the "truth" about Eli Wallace's mother (although everyone was pronouncing his name as "Ellie"). She was actually an overweight, white-trash, middle-aged woman. She didn't have HIV, but was instead pregnant. She also worked at a DMV or post office and was selling tickets to her upcoming pregnancy (which apparently everyone was eager to attend).
  • I bought a box of Frootees at a grocery store.
  • I was watching an episode of SGU - one that had several actors from the show "Lost" on it as a way to expand the show's fan base. At the end of the episode, there was a massive explosion aboard Destiny - one that seriously crippled the ship and injured many people on board. The explosion was apparently caused by a small, cylindrical, brownish metal container that, when opened, expelled a white powder (like baking soda in appearance). Its release somehow caused the explosion. Anyway, a little later, I was in my house and I saw someone go into a room carrying the same container. I followed them and tried to keep the container from becoming open. However, before I could get close enough, it was thrown on the floor and white power emerged. Then, it cut to a scene of the Destiny's exterior and several small explosions were visible.
  • I had a box that contained behinds the scenes items (scripts, sketches, etc.) from Stargate: The Ark of Truth (although, at first, it was supposed to be from Air, Part 1). Everything was placed neatly into file folders: one file contained early drawings of the Ark of Truth, although it also contained a schematic of the Daedalus bridge (and even labeled the location of a trash can). The first file in the box was labeled "X-304", and contained several schematic-like drawings of the George Hammond.
  • I was watching a TV show that only consisted of a Milky Way-style Stargate with its inner ring spinning. This was over a plain gray background with a narration.
  • I was watching a commercial on TV about a new movie that was called something like "The Independent One". In it, several scenes were shown with a Daedalus-class ship and other ships from Stargate. I went to look the movie up on the internet, and then went to a library to look it up, but I couldn't remember the name of the movie at the time (partly because I wasn't paying much attention to the commercial to start with... and because I only saw the very end of it). Anyway, somehow the name eventually came to me. Later, near where the library I went to was, I overheard one of the producers of the movie saying that it would be cheaper and easier to use an already-established array of ships for the movie opposed to designing new ones... and that was the reason they were using ships from Stargate. I don't think it was a sci-fi movie though... the commercial kind of reminded me of the movie "Hot Tub Time Machine".
  • I was looking at an image that sort of looked like this one... although the colors in it were far more contrasting (Ba'al was practically solid white over a very dark background.)
  • I had watched "Divided" with a family member and was talking about how it was a good idea for Rush to focus all power on shields instead of weapons.
  • Someone was handing me several computer microchips... all of which were about 6 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. Although they were actually subspace tracking devices made by the blueberry aliens from SGU... and for some reason I was going to plant them on Destiny.
  • I was watching "Sabotage" and the "Blueberry aliens gated onto Destiny. I guess the Expedition shot them up, and then I was there and picked up one of their brains that was just laying on the floor of the gateroom. Then I was in a parking lot somewhere, the brain was small, green, and apparently had come from a cat.
  • I was watching the episode "Inferno" and, after finding the Orion, Sheppard and Mckay began running through the ship. They were overjoyed at the prospect of taking the ship apart and using the parts to fully repair Atlantis.
  • There was an episode in Stargate Atlantis' fifth season with Larrin.
  • I was watching the episode "Incursion, Part 1". In it, the George Hammond and a fleet of F-302s (as well as some other small ships that I couldn't really tell what they were) were holding position in space near the Lucian Alliance outpost planet and were getting ready to assault the base. Meanwhile, elsewhere in space, a fleet of 3 304s (which were also surrounded by unidentifiable smaller ships) were holding position - their purpose was to support the Hammond if backup was needed for whatever reason. The Hammond was then given permission to proceed and soon arrived over the planet. On the planet, Kiva was instructing everyone to get ready to dial the Stargate's ninth chevron. (I woke up before they did anything else though... oh well.)
  • I was on the Icarus-like planet during the events of Incursion, Part 1, and was standing in the middle of an open field. When I looked up, I saw a swarm of F-302s descending above me along with the George Hammond. They all landed on the ground near where I was (although when the Hammond landed, it kind of wobbled back and forth). The Hammond then morphed into a ship that kinda looked like this thing from the Halo series, but upside down. Then, using the power of the planet's core, the George Hammond arrived on a planet near to where Destiny was. However, it soon came under attack by "Blueberry alien fighters" and F-302s were used to repel them.
  • I guess I was some sort of disembodied consciousness because I was in space and just kind of flying around a 304 but didn't have any sort of ship or body or anything. Anyway, I went through the hanger bay a couple of times, and there were hanger doors at both the front and rear of each hanger. Looking at the hull of the outside of the ship, there was kind of a greenish hue to some panels which gave the ship an overall weird-looking texture. Going along the length of the ship from the top, there were weird shapes and boxes (all in different shades of gray) placed along the top of the ship in kind of rows.
  • This takes place during the episode "Incursion, Part 2". In it, during the Lucian Alliance incursion, several "Blueberry alien motherships" came out of FTL and began firing on Destiny. Also, the ship's Stargate received an incoming wormhole from the Foggy planet from the episode "Lost" - this caused a good amount of apprehension apparently because the Dinosaur-like creatures from the planet could potentially come through... further adding to problems.
  • I somehow won a replica of Atlantis that was about 3 feet high and felt like it was made out of legos.
  • Inspired by Eli carrying Chloe around in "Incursion", I was also carrying someone who hurt their leg. But it turned out they were faking...
  • I was on Destiny and we were all going to die from rising radiation levels within a few hours. After a rigorous search, I discovered that the source of the radiation was a hole in the back of a cabinet in my laundry room. Even though Destiny's shield was covering the hole to prevent decompression, it was still allowing radiation from space to leak in. So, we sent this one guy made entirely of rock into the room to fill the hole with putty, as he was the only one who could withstand the intense radiation. I guess it worked and we all survived.... because then later rock guy was swimming in my pool.
  • I had traveled back in time somehow and was stranded on some sort of sandy beach and had to find a way to repair my spaceship. We initially tried building a ship out of tree material, but me (and apparently the people I was with) figured it would never work. So, we started to build one with metal. However, apparently the strongest metal that was available with which to repair the hull (given the primitiveness of the time period I was stuck in) was zinc... as iron hadn't been invented yet. By this time in the dream, the spaceship had morphed into a Puddle Jumper and I was Rodney Mckay. Col. Sheppard and the rest of his team then came back to the jumper and they told me there were scorch marks on the door. Also, the Jumper was apparently parked in the middle of a vineyard. Sometime later, a Wraith had found its way into the ship and started attacking Rodney Mckay. However, somehow Rodney wasn't actually in his body (somehow, kind of, in a way...) so he was helpless to fight back against the wraith. Eventually though, Mckay was able to gain the strength to shoot the wraith with his P-90 and kill it. Meanwhile Sheppard showed up and killed two more wraith that were nearby.
  • I was watching the first episode of the second season of Stargate Universe. In it, Eli and Matthew were in spacesuits, just floating around randomly in space empty space when the Destiny emerged from FTL right near them. (apparently Matt and Eli got there using a shuttle). However, as the Stargate didn't start automatically dialing, Col. Young got worried. Then the opening title sequence came up and it was just a bit longer than the current one and it showed all 3 styles of Stargates floating in space and then it faded to Destiny emerging from FTL.
  • I was watching an episode of Stargate Atlantis that took place around the Stargate SG-1 episode "Threads". However, it took place in an alternate universe/timeline. In it, Teyla was in the SGC and was invisible to everyone except for Samantha Carter. Apparently no one trusted Teyla anymore - no one except Carter wanted to help her (or at least that's what Teyla said). she also warned Carter that the Wraith were going to attack Atlantis. Then the opening sequence came up, but it only showed different views of Atlantis rising out of the water for the entire time, with really solemn and "dark"-ish music playing in the background.

Point of Interest

  • This dream occurred between the first and second seasons of SGU. Anyway, I was watching the Season Two premiere episode of Stargate Universe. The episode started with several Lucian Alliance personnel corralling a group of civilian members from Destiny's crew into a room to execute them. After they did this, they took one of the civilians out because he said that he instead wanted to commit suicide (rather than be executed). Meanwhile, on the part of the ship that Eli and Chloe were stuck on, Eli started activating more of the ship's systems and came across a system that mapped the galaxy that Destiny was in. It also tracked the ship's speed and progress through it. He discovered that the ship was traveling through the galaxy unusually fast (unknown to him, due to Rush having found Destiny's bridge and controlling the ship's movements).
The episode then cut to Vanessa James, who had stumbled upon Destiny's bridge with Rush in it. When she walked in, Rush was dressed as Batman. Then, the episode cut to a scene where Rush (still dressed like Batman) was facing off against Kiva and several more Lucian Alliance personnel in the living room of some house. After talking briefly, Rush drove Batman's motorcycle through the wall of the house under intense fire from the Lucian Alliance people. The Alliance members (all except for Kiva) got into a "tricked out" Toyota sedan and followed him (they also drove through the wall).
  • I was on the Odyssey. Samantha Carter (who apparently commanded the ship) ordered an evacuation as the ship was apparently about to explode. Everyone was beamed off... but later I found out that it was really Earth that had exploded and that everyone was really on a different planet (though it looked pretty much the same).
  • I was in a Wraith Dart and was leading an attack against a Hive ship along with 12 or so more darts. However, our darts had cloaks (which we used to get close to the Hive undetected) and hyperdrives (which we used during evasive maneuvers as enemy darts were launched from the Hive in response to our attack). I told everyone to fire at the Hive's engines, hoping it would create a large explosion to disable the ship.
  • (Occurring during the episode "Incursion, Part 2") Eli and Chloe had made it back to the main portion of Destiny and were dressed as the Lucian Alliance soldiers. They said they were going to try and impersonate them in order to help retake the ship... but I said they would probably be discovered fairly quickly.
  • I was watching "Be All My Sins Remember'd". While the plot of the episode was the same, it kept showing scenes of strange-looking ships in space before their assault on Asuras was to take place.
  • I was watching Stargate Universe. In the episode, the crew had come across another Destiny that was under the control of a hostile alien race. In an effort to destroy the Tau'ri's Destiny, the aliens docked with a commercial jumbo-jet aircraft in the atmosphere of a planet (similar to the way it connects with Stargate seeding ships), which caused explosions to occur all over the Tau'riDestiny.
  • I was watching an episode of Stargate SG-1 that was reminiscent of a CSI-type show. In it, someone had killed teal'c and hid his body under a pile of trash bags on the street in a large city (The person who had killed him had no knowledge of Teal'c being a Jaffa, however). Then, I was on this alien planet (similar to earth) in what appeared to be a college campus. I was marveling over how beautiful everything was and how proud I was to see another flourishing civilization in the Milky Way.
  • Fred Willard was with SG-1 on a planet covered in Ancient Greek/Roman-like ruins. They were attempting to capture Aris Boch, and so they all carried P-90s and Transphase Eradication Rod (which had been modified to work against replicators... go figure). Carter and Daniel drew Aris' attention while Jack and teal'c snuck up behind him and stunned him with a zat. They then all approached the unconscious Aris meanwhile, inadvertently, walking into a forceshield of his that made people suffer from temporary amnesia. The scene then shifted to about 5 hours later - Sg-1 and Fred Willard were all standing in the same spot, but the sun was lower in the sky, none of them had any weapons (except for knives), and Aris was gone. After they gathered themselves, they all said the names Aris had given to them, apparently, while they had amnesia. The team then walk away in search of Aris. Fred Willard then started flashing his knife around and wildly ran off into the distance.
  • I was watching the newly-created opening sequence for Stargate Universe. It showed several people walking throughout Destiny, with guns, searching the ship. It was also snowing inside the ship. The guns they had looked like regular projectile weapons but instead fired translucent light blue/white-colored energy pulses.
  • There were two equally-matched fleets of hive ships somewhere in space that were going to attack eachother. The fleets were surrounded by a ring of darts, followed by a ring of Hive Ship, and in the center was this other kind of giant wraith ship.
  • I was at walmart and bought Stargate SG-1: Oceans of Dust. The book was about 3-inches thick... and I thought it was weird that they were selling it before the official release date.
  • I was watching an episode of 'Battlestar Galactica'. The scene I saw took place on the bridge, and there were Milky Way-style Stargates scattered all over. There was one that was about 5 inches in diameter on a wall that was used as a panel to open a door, and there were others about 5 feet in diameter randomly tilted against the walls. However, all of these Stargates were rather poor models and didn't look like the 'actual thing'.
  • I was watching an episode of SGU in syndication, in which they ran the Stargate SG-1 opening sequence instead of the Stargate Universe opening because everyone thought that the SGU opening was lame.
  • I was watching an episode of SGU in which Homeworld command established a team on Earth that would study the data sent to Destiny from the seed-ships. This team would be able to then inform the crew about what planets they should visit or avoid. Also in this dream, the Destiny crew had found another seed ship and were traveling through FTL with it.
  • (This dream started out similar to the episode "Upgrades"). In it, Daniel and O'Neill were talking in some room at the SGC about the super-human abilities they would both soon receive. Daniel then tried and successfully attempted levitating an object with his mind by thinking the word "treason" (and he then explained why that word worked for that particular object). He then levitated something else, and while he did, there was a small inter-dimensional doll-like creature attached to it that started talking... and everyone in the room screamed. Later, SG-1 was talking with a group of government people about this, and the government people wanted to utilized these 'doll/creature-things' as weapons against the Goa'uld. (Pretty much, they would make the creatures appear on Goa'uld planets... and the creatures would bite the Goa'uld/Jaffa to death). However, Daniel was concerned about whether or not doing so would be ethical, because the creatures were naturally peaceful.
  • SG-1 was talking in the Briefing room at the SGC and Daniel was explaining how he was upset that no one takes him seriously despite his military rank. Because of this, Daniel approached a random guard who had been standing outside the door and told him that the vending machine in the briefing room was empty. As to demonstrate his authority, Daniel ordered the guard to refill the vending machine. After the guard refused, Daniel began to do full-body pull-ups from some metal bars that were hanging on the ceiling (as to demonstrate his physical prowess and gain the respect of the, also muscular, guard).
  • I was in Atlantis in a room called the "Holographic Building Room". The room itself was small/narrow, dark, misty, had tall metallic walls, and had an insanely high ceiling. In the center of the room was a grouping of 4 glass circles embedded into the floor, each one being about 5 inches in diameter. When a meter-tall metal rod of the same diameter was placed over one of the circles, they would all light-up in a whitish-purple color, and a holographic projection of whatever Atlantis building you verbally stated would appear in front of you. I said "Central Tower" and a holographic image of Atlantis' central tower appeared. I then said my name, but instead of showing an image of myself, it showed an image of an Asgard. I tried talking to it, but it seemed upset.
  • I was showing someone, who had never been to SG wiki before, an article here... and the first sentence of it was written from an out-of-universe perspective. More of a nightmare really.....

Point of interest

  • I was watching an episode of Stargate Universe that was suppose to be from the third season. The episode began with Destiny hiding on the surface of a planet somewhere as to avoid confrontation with the Berzerker drones. However, over the several weeks that had elapsed since Destiny first landed, the crew was able to gain even more control of the ship. As a result, they discovered a new type of engine on Destiny that would enable them to travel much faster than before. Therefore, the crew decided to leave the planet and go back into space.
The episode then cut to a shot of Destiny barreling down a massive asphalt runway. The runway had been built by a previous civilization of humans and was among the few things that remained of their civilization - having abandoned the planet hundreds of years ago. Anyway, Destiny had landing gear that resembled that of a regular jumbo-jet, which was being used to propel the ship along the runway. Inside Destiny, Rush, Eli, Brody, and Young were in Destiny's control interface room and were piloting the ship during its take-off. Dr. Rush calculated that Destiny needed to achieve a speed of 350 miles per hour before the ship would begin to lift off of the ground. However, when Destiny reached that speed, it wasn't able to take off. Brody then increased the speed to 354 mph, which was enough to get the ship in the air. The camera then panned to Dr. Rush, who said something like "well there was a margin of error in the calculations".
When Destiny arrived in space, it was suddenly under attack by the drones. In response, the Col. Young launched about 20 puddle jumpers to combat them. The Jumpers fired Drone weapons at the drone-ships, which fired large red energy pulses in response. The Jumpers also had shielding. Within a few minutes, the Jumpers completely defeated the drones.
Then back inside Destiny, The interior of the Destiny was completely different from normal. The hallways were lined with rigid, gray, metal walls (as opposed to the curved, bronze walls it normally has). I was walking down one of the hallways and at the end of one, I found a Stargate Universe boxset that included 3 DVDs, each of which included one of the show's 'three' seasons.
  • These two people were debating if plant life would be able to survive Stargate travel. One person said that plants would be vaporized inside the wormhole and thus would not emerge on the other side. I, however, then stated that in the episode "Zero Hour", a plant had been brought back to the SGC through the Stargate and survived. (Although now that I think about it, in that episode, Dr. Lee said that the plant was a seed initially. Hmm...)
  • I was watching the scene from "New Order, Part 2" where Prometheus engages the Ha'tak that the system lords had sent to earth. However (unlike what happened in the show) Prometheus actually engaged three Ha'taks near Earth's moon. Using bursts of railgun fire, Prometheus easily disabled all three ships within a few minutes. After the battle, the Ha'taks were on fire and drifting uncontrollably though space. At the same time elsewhere in the Galaxy, two other 303s were battling another Ha'tak. When this battle began, both 303s were emerging out of a large bluish-white nebula. Right when they reached the edge, these 303s (which where both flying in a straight line right next to each other) stared firing bursts of railgun fire at the Ha'tak.
  • I was on SG wiki, and someone renamed the "Daniel Jackson" article to something like "Andrew Hebrew Webber"... because apparently, that's what his name was given as in some random Stargate book.
  • Destiny had dozens of large, clear-blue tubes filled with liquid, which ran all throughout the ship and served as power conduits. Most importantly, they directly supplied power to the engine and weapon systems. However, the engines and weapons could not function at the same time because the pipes could only provide enough power to one of them. Anyway, Destiny was involved in a huge battle and so Col. Young demanded that both systems be activated at the same time. As a result, every time the ship emerged from FTL, the Bridge exploded again and again.
  • Carter was laying in a large pile of woodchips. Teal'c (who was still in the service of Apophis) was standing directly in front of her with his staff weapon poised to fire at her. Sam was frantically trying to explain to him that Superconductors are the basis of Goa'uld technology, and that no magic is involved.
  • I went to my userpage and saw that I had made over 39,000,000 edits to Stargate Wiki. We also had a page that listed all of the horrible things about the site.
  • This weird, life-size, white puppet thing took Jonas Quinn's place on Stargate SG-1 after he left after season 6. (THIS is almost exactly what it looked like).
  • I went on the wiki and discovered that someone had created a page called "When Wraith Don't Smoke in Atlantis". I tried to delete it, but I accidentally ended up making it look like I was the one who created it in the first place.
  • A new episode of Stargate Universe was going to be aired, in which all of the characters would reveal they are homosexual.
  • This dream was a twisted combination of the SG-1 episodes Ripple Effect and Prototype. Basically, SG-1 was onboard the Prometheus and had arrived at the black hole (as they did in the episode Ripple Effect). However, instead of sealing the supposed break in space that was causing SG-1s from parallel universes to come into our own, they enacted a plan that instead caused every stargate in every universe (except for our own) to explode. The dream then shifted to the SGC, where Khalek was furious over what SG-1 had done. He had originally intended to use his ascended powers to help SG-1 fight the Ori. But, as a result of them blowing up every Stargate in the multiverse, he decided he was going to be our enemy.
The dream then shifted back to the Prometheus. The ship's bridge had an Al'kesh built into it right where the front windows usually are. The Prometheus' crew had apparently all been abducted (similar to the episode Grace) except for 2 people who were left behind. As to rescue the rest of the crew, these 2 people boarded the Al'kesh and we going to use it to go after the crew as Prometheus itself was inoperable. However, before the Al'kesh could fully leave Prometheus and get into open space, it had to first disconnect itself from Prometheus hull and then pass through this giant set of hangar doors. Right when the Al'kesh approached these doors, they slammed shut. As the only was to re-open them was from inside Prometheus, one of the people got out of the Al'kesh to re-open the doors. However, the area between the Prometheus' hull and these doors was filed with water, and so they had to put on one of Prometheus' many scuba suits.
  • I found a website where you could click on Stargate glyphs, and after you clicked 7, it would run an animation of the gate dialing.
  • User:Jaymach changed the background theme for the wiki to a picture of his bedroom. The walls were bright yellow and the whole room was a mess with clothes strewn everywhere. I tried to Photoshop the image to make it look better (because I didn't want to just outright remove it lest I hurt his feelings) but there was really no hope for it.
  • I was on the planet in Dominion standing about 20 meters away from the Stargate. I was with a few other people who were dressed in SGC gear, who had apparently just completed their mission on the planet, and were eager to return to Earth as quickly as possible so that the Ori couldn't dial in before they could leave. However, as we started to approach the gate (traveling at a brisk walk) it activated, and everyone took cover so as to avoid the detection of the Ori troops now spilling out the gate (I myself had hunkered down behind the Stargate).
  • Fran dropped off two boxes of shoes at my front door (the mail carrier delivered them to her house instead of mine by accident, so apparently we were neighbors). She was wearing this long gray dress that said 'FRAN" across the top. I talked to her briefly, and she said that she loves the new Taylor Swift album and that it makes her feel empowered.
  • SG-1 and SG-2 are sitting around the table in the SGC's briefing Room waiting to be briefed by General Hammond. When Hammond walks in, he beings describing how SG-2 was originally created to serve as a 'replacement team' for SG-1 in the instance that SG-1 was ever lost. However, because SG-1 has survived as a team for so long, SG-2 is being re-purposed to, instead, serve as a team of 'weapon specialists'. SG-2 then beings training for this new role. First, all team members are given their new weapons (for some reason, the team is still comprised of SG-1 members). Daniel is given a Replicator disruptor, Carter is given a golden Transphase Eradication Rod, and Teal'c is given a laptop computer (which can be used as a 'cyber weapon'). The team then enters a training simulation in which they can get used to their new weapons by using them against themselves. The training location is the Halo 3 map Valhalla. Once the simulation beings, however, the team promptly discovers that their weapons aren't actually causing damage to anyone (being intended for Replicators, Reetou, and computers, respectively, rather than other people). Teal'c then approaches Daniel and begins beating him with the laptop.

You know your a Stargate fan when...

  • You accidentally spell Stargate instead of Strange, daed instead of dead (as in Daedalus), or Atlantis instead of Atlantic.
  • You say quotes from Stargate in everyday conversation (although usually no one else has any idea what you're talking about).
  • You hear people say the titles of Stargate episodes in everyday conversation and those words really jump out at you.
  • You take note of the times 3:01 - 3:04 a.m/.p.m. - as well as the number's use elsewhere.
  • You pass by Shanks road and think of Daniel Jackson or by Caledonia avenue and think of the Caledonian Federation.
  • You can usually tell what episode an image is from immediately upon looking at it.
  • You can recite episodes as you watch them (such as having all of the dialogue from the entire "Phoenix" segment in The Last Man memorized... don't know how that happened really...)
  • You can tell what episode it is (including the name, season...) within the first ten seconds. Or, even from the "Previously on" segment.
  • You put "Hippaforaluks" for the name of your computer.
  • You're watching Stargate, hear a good quote, and then run to SG wiki to include it somewhere before you forget.
  • Your first instinct upon typing the word "destiny" is to capitalize it... as per the name of the ship.
  • You can pick out lines of conversation in real life that were also said on an episode of Stargate... and you know what episode the line was said on. (Like the line "make no mistake", which Col. Young said in his speech at the end of "Earth".)
  • You accidentally type "Stargate" instead of "start".
  • When you hear certain words like "Stargaze", you think the person who's stating it is going to say Stargate.
  • In any show you watch, you can quickly identify a person who played even a minor role in an episode of Stargate.
  • You know actual people named Sora or Destiny and immediately think of Stargate upon seeing them.
  • Whenever someone says the word "gate" you think of Stargate.
  • You think of Stargate and Prometheus when you hear the music group 3OH!3.
  • When you hear the song "Drops of Jupiter" by Train (and the lines "Did you sail across the sun, did you make it to the Milky Way") you think of Stargate... and Destiny flying through stars.
  • Whenever there's 38 minutes of class left, you think to yourself 'if a Stargate was opened right now, it would close by the time this class is over'.
  • You're convinced Stargate is real, and that the TV show is just a coverup...

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