The Urson planet is an ice planet with a Stargate that is located in the Milky Way galaxy. It is home to the Urson and Tlak'kahn.


Sometime before the 2020s, a Tau'ri came through the Stargate and met the Urson. The person taught them English.

The Tlak'kahn who live on the planet are refugees from the warrior cast that are now farmers.



The Urson Ice City


The Tlak'kahn city on the Urson planet

The Urson live in a large city completely made of ice. They have no vegetation and as such their main food source is fish.

The Tlak'kahn live in a shielded village with a pyramid at its center. With their own technology they have managed to make plant life and crops in their shielded section of the planet.

Conflicts and ResolutionEdit

The Urson and the refugee Tlak'kahn started out peaceful at first, but soon after the Urson attacked them. The Urson tried to drive the Tlak'kahn off their planet when they saw how advanced they were. They were afraid they might try to take over. Gus and his team ended up arriving to the planet during one of the fights. They helped the Urson and they took some of the Tlak'kahn's as prisoners.

After Major Gus Bonner and his team learned the Urson started the fighting they realized they made a mistake. The Urson in turn heard their doubts about them and so they ambushed them, proclaiming they were now their prisoners. The team got away and met up with the now freed Tlak'kahn prisoners that Gus had helped by giving them his laser.

The Urson chased after them and another fight broke out. The team shot at the ice giving way to the water underneath. The Urson leader, Arktos, fell in. The refugee Tlak'kahn leader, Nik'ta, saved him.

The leaders agreed to peace and Urson and Tlak'kahn also agreed to trading. The Urson fish sticks for Tlak'kahn crops. They also agreed to share the secrets of the Tlak'kahn technology so the Urson would no longer feel threatened.

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