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Ursini spaceship is a type of spaceship created and used by the alien race known as Ursini.


The Destiny expedition encountered a damaged Ursini spaceship floating in space in an unknown galaxy. The Derelict ship appeared to be heavily damaged as the result of the battle with an unknown force. After inspecting the ship with a Kino, the expedition sent Colonel Everett Young and Dr. Nicholas Rush to investigate it. They used the Ancient space suits to enter through a hull breach into the ship. Even though the ship's bridge was destroyed, Rush managed to locate a control console, and use it to activate the ship's life support. While doing so he unintentionally activated the ship's sublight drive causing it to drift away from the Destiny. When the Destiny manages to catch up with the ship, they attempted to dock with it. But due to the pilot's error Destiny collided with the ship. Although the Destiny remained undamaged, due to its force shields, the ship started to wobble. (SGU: "The Greater Good")

Later, the expedition came across the wreckage of 5 Ursini space ships, which were apparently destroyed in a battle with the drones. Unknown at first, a number of attack drones were laying dormant in the debris field and started attacking the Destiny, which was then forced to leave the battlefield. (SGU: "Resurgence")


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