The Ursini-Drone war is a conflict between the Ursini and the Berzerker drones of an unknown alien race.



According to the Ursini, at some point in the past they accidentally stumbled upon and awoke the Berzerker drones and have been at war with them ever since. A group of Ursini later attempted to take over a Seed ship and the Destiny in an attempt to gain an advantage in the conflict against the drones.

First known encounterEdit

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Ursini spaceship docked with Destiny

The damaged Ursini spaceship was left adrift, before it was found by the Destiny expedition.

The battle of a Ursini spaceship is the first known encounter between the Ursini and the Berzerker drones, when an unknown number of Berzerker drones, supported by at least one Control ship attacked and destoyed an Ursini spaceship, which would later be found by the Destiny expedition.(SGU: "The Greater Good")

Second encounterEdit

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The Ursini taskforce, lying in ruins.

The battle between five Ursini spaceships and several drones, again supported by at least one Control ship is the largest of the known battles between the Ursini and the Berzerker drones. The battle was easily won by the drones, who easily destroyed the Ursini shields and wiped out the entire Urisini taskforce. The debris of the battle would be later found by the Destiny expedition, starting the Tau'ri-Drone war.(SGU: "Resurgence")

Third encounterEdit

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One of the most devastating attacks on the Ursini occurred when several hundred Berzerker drones, supported by a Control ship attacked and destroyed one of the Urisi controlled worlds. It is unknown how many Ursini survived the attack. (SGU: "Deliverance")

Destiny expedition involvementEdit

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Berzerker drones attacking the Destiny expedition, which was backed up by the Ursini controlled Seed Ship.

In 2009, the Destiny discovered an unknown signal and went to check it out. When reaching it they discovered it was the site of some sort of battle in the past. After attempting to explore the site they re-awoke several Berzerker drones that defeated the Ursini in the battle. The Destiny was quickly overwhelmed but the Ursini along with Colonel David Telford arrived in a Seed ship allowing them both to escape. The Ursini ask the Destiny expedition for help in defeating the Control Ship.

They agree to help though only after they repair the Destiny which suffered damage from the drones. The Ursini, however, trick them and lead them directly to the Control Ship. The battle does not begin well as the command ship is protected by numerous drones.

After Chloe Armstrong summons the Nakai, most of the drones are drawn off and Destiny is able to destroy the command ship with its main weapon. Unfortunately its learned when the Ursini attempt to contact their colony that the colony has been destroyed and the Ursini on the Seed ship are likely the last of their kind. Neither Destiny nor the Seed ship are able to escape as Destiny's shields aren't fully up and the seed ship blew its FTL carrying Destiny to the command ship.

The Ursini drop out of contact, but feeling sorry for dragging the humans into the war, sacrifice themselves to buy Destiny time to restore shields and escape. (SGU: "Resurgence", "Deliverance")

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