The Ursini were an arthropodan, humanoid extra-galactic species found in one of the galaxies explored by the Destiny expedition.


Closeup of a Ursini.

The Ursini are bipedal, like humans, but are shorter than an average human by at least a foot. They appear to have an exoskeleton, like insects, and have thin, bony fingers. They are capable of breathing the same atmosphere as humans. They are rather nimble, able to leap off walls and crawl on all fours with surprising speed. (SGU: "Awakening")


They appear to be fairly advanced, possessing large spaceships such as those encountered by Destiny. They also possess energy weapons which fire a red energy pulse that stuns the target for a short time, and use hibernation pods to hold their kind in stasis for long periods. (SGU: "Awakening", "The Greater Good")

Despite this, their ship-to-ship weapons appear to be inferior to even the most outdated Ancient technology, such as the weapons on board Destiny and the Seed ships. Perhaps because of this, they sent a research team to the Seed ship and commandeered it for use in their war against the Berzerker drones. (SGU: "Awakening")


First contact between the Ursini and the Destiny expedition.

When the Destiny expedition found a Seed ship floating in space, they boarded the vessel to explore it. Discovering a large reserve of power, they intended to use it to dial Earth. One of the aliens was released from a pod and made its way to the control room, where it collapsed in front of Dr. Dale Volker. Meanwhile, the rest of its kind, numbering at about a dozen, awoke and hid from the expedition. Lt. Matthew Scott tried to communicate with the alien to no avail. Deciding not to leave it unsupervised, Colonel Everett Young ordered the alien brought with them to Earth. When they tried to dial Earth, the aliens attacked Dr. Nicholas Rush and his guards, stunning them. They then reversed the power flow and nearly drained Destiny of all its power. The captured alien escaped his escorts when this happened. Colonel David Telford stayed on the Seed ship to try and get power back to Destiny, but Rush instead undocked Destiny and took it to FTL, for fear of losing all of Destiny's power reserves. Telford was then surrounded by the Ursini. (SGU: "Awakening")

Several Ursini in the control room of an ancient Seed ship.

The Ursini later proved not to be hostile, but still untrustworthy. Their race was engaged in a war with powerful unmanned Berzerker drones of unknown origin, design and purpose, whom they accidently awakened from stasis. They were able to communicate with Telford through their pods, through a mechanism that keeps their brains active during stasis, and which forced a basic understanding of the Ursini into Telford's mind. They requested the help of the Destiny Expedition to battle an enemy Control Ship, which was commanding the unmanned drone fighters to destroy Ursini ships. They offered to tow Destiny to safety from some attacking drone vessels - to conduct repairs before entering into battle with the Control Ship - but instead brought them directly to the Control Ship which was heavily guarded by more drone ships. Without having had the chance to repair, Destiny's shields were barely functioning and its still-damaged FTL engine gave it no choice but to help the Ursini. (SGU: "Resurgence")

After the successful destruction of the Control Ship, the Ursini from the Seed ship tried to contact their colony but only got a response in machine code, indicating that it was discovered and destroyed by drones. The Ursini powered down their Seed ship as dropping out of FTL so soon had fried their FTL drive and they wanted to avoid detection. When Destiny came under attack from a second drone cluster, the Ursini, sorry for dragging the expedition into their war, transmitted one last message to Destiny and then launched a suicide attack on the Control Ship. The Seed ship was destroyed before it even got close, but the Ursini's sacrifice bought the Destiny crew time to enact a plan of their own and repair their shields, allowing Destiny to escape to FTL. Following the destruction of the Seed ship, there is a possibility that their race is now extinct. (SGU: "Deliverance")

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