A Urrone child.

"They're like apprentices to the adults. They're everywhere. It's just kind of the way they do things."
Daniel Jackson[src]

The Orbanians use nanites to transfer information from children known as Urrone. The Urrone have the ability to rapidly learn vast amounts of information due to the large quantities of nanites implanted into their brains. As a result, it is the childlike Urrone who act as the scientists and engineers of the Orbanians.

During a ceremony called the Averium, these nanites are removed from the child and distributed to the general population. This process is the Orbanians' sole means of education. Although this results in relatively intelligent adults and ensures that new knowledge is quickly shared and understood, the former Urrones are left in an infantile mental state. Former Urrone children can't be taught via nanites; They must be taught new information through conventional means without the use of nanites. (SG1: "Learning Curve")

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