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"Urgo" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 explore P4X-884, believing it to be a paradise world. However, after several hours, they return with no memory whatsoever about what has happened. They soon discover a computer simulation named Urgo trying to influence the team. After they find him annoying, they attempt to stop him but find it very difficult to do so with Urgo doing everything he can to distract them.


Stargate Command sends a MALP through to the planet designated P4X-884, and the image they receive back is that of a beautiful beach. The sky is blue, and a large palm tree blows gently in the wind. The planet appears to be an ideal candidate for an off-world research colony, and SG-1 departs to investigate.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c step through the Stargate, and appear instantaneously back in the gate room on Earth. Shocked, the team is told by Major General George S. Hammond that they have been gone for 15 hours.

Dr. Janet Fraiser gives the team a clean bill of health, though they cannot remember a single moment from their mission. After scrutinizing the video sent back by the MALP, Carter discovers that the beach image was faked. Hidden on the video is a single frame of an alien room of some sort.

Frasier arrives with more startling news: more extensive scans have determined that a small implant—smaller than the head of a pin—has been placed in the brains of SG-1, all in precisely the same place in their brains. This provides a reason for some strange behavior from SG-1: their senses have been heightened, especially taste and smell. Teal'c downed an entire pot of steaming hot coffee during a briefing. O'Neill has taken to eating pieces of pie like they were potato chips.

SG-1 is confined to isolation quarantine, and soon "Urgo" reveals himself. A jovial, fun-loving mental projection, Urgo is the manifestation of the alien devices. Only SG-1 can see and hear him, leaving Hammond to wonder if the team is going insane.

Urgo wants to play, wants to eat, wants to learn and experience. That is, in fact, his mission: the implants exist to gather information for the aliens. It is the means by which they explore. Once SG-1 returns to the alien planet, Urgo warns, they will be killed so that the information can be harvested.

Urgo enjoys being with SG-1, and encourages them (verbally and subliminally) to show him new experiences. Meanwhile, they are trying to get rid of him. Carter theorizes that because the implants are electronic in nature, an electromagnetic pulse should disable them.

Urgo tries to distract Carter, but finally pleads for his life, asking Carter not to throw the switch. But she does, and Urgo vanishes. O'Neill rejoices that the annoying man is finally out of his head.

But the alien technology has a reset switch, and Urgo soon reappears. SG-1 decides to pursue the aliens back on the planet, rather than living with Urgo for the rest of their lives. They send the MALP back through the gate, and use it to broadcast an audio message to the aliens.

A deep, terrifying voice booms back at them. It is that of Togar, who tells them that Urgo is "an error." Urgo was not supposed to reveal himself, and Togar invites SG-1 back to the planet to have the implants removed. Urgo will be destroyed.

The program appears genuinely fearful of his impending fate, and Carter begins to ask him questions. She and Daniel soon conclude that Urgo may be sentient—that he may have become a living being. He is self-aware, he fears his own death, he is conscious, and he can think independently.

The team steps through the Stargate to the alien world, and is instantly transported away in a flash of light. Togar appears, and bears a striking resemblance to Urgo—though not nearly as fun. He promises that they will not be harmed by the removal of the implants, and demonstrates the procedure on another alien life form.

But the team is not satisfied with simply having Urgo removed from their heads. They convince Togar of the possibility that Urgo is alive, and he agrees to transfer Urgo into himself.

With the implants removed and Urgo safe and sound, the team returns to Earth. But their memories have been erased again—they have no memory of Togar or the alien world, though Hammond tells them that they have been gone for more than ten hours.


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Notable quotes[]

Carter: P4X-884 looks like an untouched paradise, sir.
Teal'c: Appearances may be deceiving.
O'Neill: One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
Jackson: A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell.
O'Neill: Never run with... scissors?

(SG-1 is entering the gate room, walking up the ramp to the Stargate)
O'Neill: Au revoir, mon general.
Teal'c: I am unfamiliar with that term, O'Neill.
O'Neill: "Au revoir," it's French. It means, "ciao." "Ciao," it means, "adios," "auf Wiedersehen," "sayonara," which all, very loosely translated means...
(SG-1 steps through the Stargate only to find themselves stepping right back into the gate room)
O'Neill: "Good-bye?"

Jackson: Wow, this coffee's great.
Carter: I was just thinking that.
O'Neill: (sitting) Yeah, is that cinnamon?
Jackson: Uh, chicory.
O'Neill: Mm. Chicory.
(Teal'c takes the carafe, opens it and gulps the steaming liquid while everyone stares at him in disbelief)
Carter: Teal'c?
(Teal'c puts the carafe down with a pleased sound)
O'Neill: Isn't that hot?
Teal'c: Extremely.

Hammond: Just... stay on the base. We're going to need to keep an eye on you for the time being.
Jackson: I feel fine.
Teal'c: As do I, Daniel Jackson.
Hammond: For someone who just drank half a gallon of steaming hot coffee.

Hammond: Can these devices be removed?
Fraiser: Not without causing irreparable brain damage, sir.
O'Neill: What's the down side?
Fraiser: (shakes head) How they were implanted without any external marks or injury to the cortex is beyond me.
Hammond: Can we determine what threat they pose?
O'Neil: Well apparently all desserts in base are in grave danger.

Carter: Of course... you're actually in our heads, aren't you?
Urgo: You are so smart, Samantha, I love that about you.
O'Neill: Carter?
Carter: The technology implanted in our brains, Sir. We're looking at some sort of visual communication interface. Controlled hallucination.
O'Neill: So, I... we... what?
Urgo: He gets... confused!! By the way, who is Mary Steenburgen?

Urgo: Years from now, you're gonna be thinking about me, and you're gonna say, "Ooh, how did I ever get along without that wonderful, constant companion?" Woof!!
O'Neill: Years from now!?
Jackson: Woof?

Hammond: Doctor, are we entirely sure that the members of SG-1 are... what's the word?
Frasier: Sane?
Hammond: That's the one.

Carter: A strong enough E.M. pulse can knock out most electronic-based technologies. It would be harmless to us, but it should render Urgo impotent.
Urgo: Could you, um, rephrase that?

Jackson: That's it?
Carter: Yup.
Teal'c: I feel no differently.
O'Neill: Listen.
Carter: What?
O'Neill: Exactly.

(Dr. Frasier has just seen all of SG-1 singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in their separate rooms, and now has them all in the briefing room)
O'Neill: I was not singing. I'd know if I was singing. (Dr. Frasier presses play on the VCR) I don't even know the words to "Row, Row..." (the video plays, O'Neill is clearly heard singing) OK. If you call that singing.

O'Neill: C'mon, Urgo, be a mensch. How do we get rid of you?

(Carter is sending a MALP back through the Stargate, she and Urgo are watching it on the computer monitor)
Urgo: (pointing to the MALP on the screen) Whoa, what's that?
Carter: Actually, it's our version of you.
Urgo: But not as suave and sophisticated, n'est-ce pas?

Jackson: We've discovered the devices you implanted in our brains and we'd like you to remove them. Him.
Togar: Him?
Jackson: Urgo.
Togar: How do you know this name?
Jackson: He told us. He interacts with us.
O'Neill: He's driving us crazy!

Jackson: There are plenty of other life forms that require other life forms to live.
Teal'c: Then you are a parasite... like the Goa'uld.
Urgo: (mocking Teal'c's voice) A parasite... like oh-ah-ooh.

Jackson: You're Togar?
Togar: Yes... Togar!!
Urgo: As handsome as he is evil.

Jackson: Wait, Togar... how do we know that Urgo's really alive?
Urgo: I'm here, I'm here!! Tell 'em, tell 'em!!
Togar: I will as soon as you are quiet!!
Jackson and O'Neill: He's alive.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • A photo of Shar're, Daniel's wife is shown on his lab / office desk.
  • The game which Urgo refers to (involving guessing the meaning of words) is the game Balderdash.
  • This episode is a partial tribute to the movie Contact, as the "paradise" island you see is actually a scenario of the film, throughout there are musical hints from the movie itself.
  • Since Urgo is an artificial life form that appears to have consciousness the writers may have chosen the name as an alteration of the Latin word ergo from René Descartes' famous philosophical proposition cogito ergo sum "I think, therefore I am." It may be a portmanteau with 'urge', since he can suggest but not compel.
  • Dr. Daniel Jackson's line "We've discovered the devices you implanted in our brains and we'd like you to remove them. Him." And Togar's response "Him?" are references to Dom DeLuise's character "Victor / Captain Chaos" from the Cannonball Run movie series. Victor refers to his alter ego "Captain Chaos" only as "Him".


  • When Urgo explains or talks about why he would want to be removed in the infirmary, the guard behind him looks at Urgo numerous times.

Other languages[]

  • French: Un étrange compagnon (A Strange Companion)
  • Italian: Impianto (Installation/Implanted)
  • Spanish: Urgo (dubbed in English)
  • Czech: Urgo (dubbed in English)
  • Hungarian: Urgo (dubbed in English)

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