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"Rush. Where the hell are we?
Several billion light years from home.
Matthew Scott and Nicholas Rush[src]

After the Battle of Icarus Base, a group of Tau'ri escaped to the Destiny using the ninth chevron on the Stargate. When they arrived on the Destiny, it was in an unnamed galaxy located several billion light years from the Milky Way galaxy. After several months, it eventually reached the edge of the galaxy and prepared to travel to the next. Originally the ship didn't have the power to make it, but after being sabotaged by the Nakai and another failed attack, the ship was able to make the jump from the void between the two galaxies. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Lost", "Sabotage")

Known star systems and planets[]

The galaxy as seen from the Barren planet.

Map of the galaxy from Destiny's database

According to Rush, the ship had connected to a dozen planets by this time.

Known races[]

Nakai - one of the sentient races of this galaxy.


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