This planet has no known canonical name.  While the information presented in this article is canonical, the planet described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

This unnamed planet is a planet in the Pegasus galaxy and its peoples are members of the Coalition of Planets.


It was on this planet that Neeva Casol, along with her co-conspirators Jannick and Bordal, broke into a storeroom full of artifacts to steal. Neeva unwittingly activated a Long-range communication device and her consciousness was switched with Dr. Jennifer Keller's who was on Atlantis at the time. Jennifer (in Neeva's body) was subsequently caught and charged with robbery, though her accomplices escaped. After being held in a prison cell for a time, the Magistrate of the village in which she was caught, sentenced her to death. This meant a beheading in the woods, as the people of the planet are somewhat technologically primitive, as are most other planets in Pegasus due to frequent Wraith cullings.

Identity 2

Keller about to be executed

Fortunately, the Executioner was shot and Jennifer was rescued by Jannick and Bordal seconds before her death. Thinking that Jennifer was Neeva, the three retreated together to a cave in the woods. Nearby, Neeva (in Jennifer's body), escaped Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team, whom she had led to the planet in order to find Jennifer. She found the cave and explained the situation to Jannick and Bordal, though they were not entirely convinced by her story. Later, Ronon Dex destroyed the Long-range communication device and Jennifer and Neeva were restored to their proper bodies.

This planet is the last known location of Neeva; she was standing in the woods while Jannick pointed a gun to her head. Though a gunshot was heard and the planet was extensively searched by Major Evan Lorne and his team, neither Jannick nor Neeva were found. Therefore, Neeva is presumed dead, however there is currently a warrant out for her arrest on all Coallition planets. (SGA: "Identity")


Though this planet goes unnamed throughout the episode, it is the first and only planet revealed to be part of the Coalition of Planets, after the Coalition's introduction in the episode, "Inquisition".

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