An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV for short, is an unpiloted aircraft used by the Tau'ri. They fly autonomously on programmed flight paths, or they can be remotely piloted, and are usually dispatched from Earth or Atlantis, through the Stargate.(SG1: "Enigma")

They are used to scout large areas around the Stargate, and areas that the MALP cannot reach.

They are equipped with a variety of sensory functions, including visual devices such as cameras, heat vision and infra-red, as well as other components depending on the model used. In addition, the aircraft may be equipped with lasers to "paint" targets for Stargate-capable missiles to destroy.


Carter preps a UAV for launch to Tollan.

UAVs launch from a small ramp using two rockets, giving them enough lift and speed to take-off and remain in flight. For continued flight, there is a propeller positioned behind the body of the UAV.

UAVs are capable of acting as spotters for Tau'ri cruise missiles launched through the Stargate from Earth. UAVs have been modified to carry bombs or missiles directly into battle. (SG1: "The Sentinel", "Death Knell")

Though there have been many successful flights, UAVs have either crashed or been shot down on several occasions.

The Atlantis expedition was equipped with at least one UAV, which was shot down by Ronon Dex while under the effects of a Wraith hallucination-generating device (SGA: "Phantoms")

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