Turghan was the leader of the Toughai.



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He was a chauvinistic, belligerent man and a fierce advocate of the "old ways", where women were treated as property. He was an enemy of Moughal, who described him as "a man who kills for pleasure" and held the allegiance of twenty-two tribes. Turghan wasn't kind to the people he conquered, massacring the men and taking the women and children as slaves.

He had at least one daughter, Nya, who he planned to marry off to Chimakka to increase his power. When Abu offered Captain Samantha Carter for Nya, who he was in love with, Turghan refused the offer, but took Carter nonetheless, threatening Abu with death. Eventually, Carter beat him in a knife fight for Nya's freedom and, though it was a fight to the death, she allowed him to live. (SG1: "Emancipation")

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