High Councilor Tuplo is the leader of the Land of Light on P3X-797. He is the father of Melosha.


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When his daughter Melosha was taken by The Touched, he and Leedora fought them off and brought her back to the Land of Light. While in the Land of Dark, they meet SG-1 and escorted them to the Land of Light. He explained that the people in the Land of Dark have been cursed. After SG-1 left, Melosha started to show symptoms of the Touch and was taken to the Land of Dark as he believed there was nothing that could be done. When Teal'c came to collect a blood sample from one of his people, he refused. When Dr. Janet Fraiser found a cure, he was reunited with her. (SG1: "The Broca Divide")


He traveled to Earth and offered the Tollan refugees sanctuary in the Land of Light, but Omoc refused the offer because they were too primitive. (SG1: "Enigma")

Later that year, he granted Teal'c's wife Drey'auc and son Rya'c sanctuary in the Land of Light, greeting them when they came through the Stargate from Earth. (SG1: "Family")