Troy Stanton was a First Lieutenant who was assigned to SG-17 during the time that there were only twenty SG teams. He was also the Host of the Tok'ra Sholred. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game", "Stargate Demo Characters: SG-17")


Background information[]

Troy grew up in Washington D.C.. He was raised by his mother LaDonna Stanton and was the younger of two brothers. He never met his father, who was killed in action in Vietnam.

His mother instilled the value of a proper education in her sons, urging them to take full advantage of every opportunity to gain new knowledge. For Troy, this meant involvement in chess and debate teams. He also followed his brother's footsteps and became the leader of his high school's ROTC program. With the encouragement of his instructors there, he applied for and received an appointment to West Point, where he continued to compete in chess and debate at the intercollegiate level and graduated as a military history major with a mathematics minor.

After graduation, he was posted to Fort Huachaca, Arizona for further study at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center. He provided analysis and support to intelligence operations in Asia and Central America before a USAIC instructor recommended him for SG-17.

During SG-17's mission to Gleanavar, Stanton was critically wounded. Their Tok'ra contact Sholred left its host Kitri Samira and blended with him and was able to stabilize his condition enough to survive the trip back to the SGC. His recovery necessitated an extended stay with the Tok'ra. Stanton and Sholred hadn't definitely decided whether the arrangement was permanent, though it seemed likely. (RPG: "Stargate Demo Characters: SG-17")


Troy was serious and focused. He lacked a sense of humor and had a low tolerance for jokes during serious situations, which sometimes caused friction with his teammates. (RPG: "Stargate Demo Characters: SG-17")

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