The Tricti are the inhabitants of the planet Trictinia and were traders. They always met with those coming to trade in a trading village near the Stargate rather than their actual home village, the location of which is unknown. While the Tricti have been culled many times, the trade village always remained. The Tricti traded with the Atlantis expedition during their time in the Pegasus galaxy.

In 2009, the Tricti suffered a severe culling that left the Tricti nearly extinct and with their crops destroyed by the Wraith who burned everything they could find. Around six months after the culling, Atlantis returned to the Pegasus galaxy and the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team found the trading village abandoned except for Arin, who told them of what had happened to the Tricti. Arin tells them of the new Wraith queen and asks for the expedition to trade with them for medicines and weapons which the Tricti desperately need. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

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