"You are a man of your word...."
―Trelak's final words upon being killed as Teal'c had promised.[src]

Trelak was the First Prime of the Goa'uld Ares.



When the System Lords were losing their war against Ba'al in 2005, several of them decided to retreat to worlds formerly under their control. One of them was Ares, who decided to retreat to Arkhan's World, which at this time was the home of Harold Maybourne. SG-1 traveled to the planet to bring him back, but before they could do so, Trelak and a patrol of Jaffa came through the Stargate to prepare the planet and its citizens for the coming of Ares. Trelak ordered Maybourne, now King Arkhan I, and the people of the planet to accept Ares as their god, and although Maybourne played along, the citizens refereed to a prophecy that Ares would be defeated.

Trelak thus ordered his men to search for the ruins containing this prophecy. When this men were killed by SG-1, Trelak quickly realized that the weapons used were that of the Tau'ri, which led to Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c being captured by Ares' Jaffa. Trelak threatened Teal'c with a slow death (With Teal'c promising a quick one for the First Prime) but the arrival of a Time Jumper, piloted by Brigadier General Jack O'Neill gave Daniel and Teal'c time to fight against the Jaffa. Trelak himself fought against Teal'c but was stabbed by him with his own knife. Shortly thereafter Ares himself was killed within his Ha'tak by just two Drone weapons fired from the Jumper by O'Neill. (SG1: "It's Good to Be King")


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