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"I'm assuming you recognize the technology? It's a Lantean battleship. It's been dormant for thousands of years, and you're gonna help me get it operational again."
Larrin to John Sheppard[src]

The Travelers' Aurora-class battleship was a Lantean Aurora-class ship salvaged by the nomadic Travelers around 10,000 years after the Lantean-Wraith war.


10,000 years ago, this Aurora-class battleship was attacked by the Wraith. In the ensuing battle, the ship lost communications and the shields failed. The engines were damaged as well but the Ancients managed to escape into hyperspace. However, when they realized that the ship's main drive was giving off deadly radiation, they were forced to abandon ship with the vain intention of returning to effect repairs. Since that event, the ship lay dormant drifting through space in the Pegasus galaxy for ten thousand years until it was eventually discovered by the Travelers in a two hundred year elliptical orbit around a nearby dwarf star. (SGA: "Travelers")

Traveler use

In 2007, the Travelers were still attempting to fully reactivate the ship with the intention of using it as a generational ship for their people. In the process, they set up several shield emitters around the ship designed to contain the vessel's leaking radiation. However, as the Travelers lack the Ancient Technology Activation gene required to operate Ancient technology, the process of initializing the ship's systems was slow going, despite attempting several work-arounds. While they themselves did not posses the Ancient gene, they knew that there was at least one race in the galaxy which did, the Tau'ri members of the Atlantis expedition. To this end, they kidnapped Lt. Colonel John Sheppard with the intention of having him initialize the ship's systems as to finish an adapter allowing them to use Ancient technology, reverse-engineered from the systems Sheppard had initialized.

However, upon reactivating the engines, Sheppard was able to incapacitate the small Traveler crew aboard the ship by not activating the inertial dampeners, causing them to be thrown backwards. He then took the vessel into hyperspace and set a course for the closest planet with a Spacegate. During this, Sheppard adapted the ship's damaged communications array and sent out a signal of SOS through subspace in an attempt to secretly contact Atlantis. However, Sheppard dropped the vessel out prematurely due to the shield emitters being shut down, by Larrin, causing the bridge to become flooded with raditation. He was then taken to one of the ship's holding cells.

A Wraith cruiser fires at the ship's weakened shields.

However, a Wraith cruiser had detected Sheppard's signal, emerged from hyperspace, and began to fire on the ship's shields, which were only at 20 percent efficiency. Being unable to withstand Wraith weapons fire the ship's bridge was destroyed in moments. Meanwhile, Larrin released Sheppard, who raced to the ship's Control chair and fired a fairly large salvo of Drone weapons, completely destroying the lone Wraith cruiser. However, not before a small team of Wraith were able to board the ship by flying Wraith Darts into the ship's hanger bay.

As the ship's bridge was destroyed in the engagement, Sheppard proceeded to the ship's auxiliary control center whilst trapping Larrin in the chair room. However, Larrin eventually escaped only to be faced with a group of the invading Wraith. After a brief on-board fire fight, in which Sheppard used one of the ship's drones to fire at a section of the ship two of the final Wraith were in, thus killing them, Larrin was eventually able to, once again, seize control of the ship.

The rest of the Traveler fleet then emerged from hyperspace and several teams were sent over to re-secure and repair the ship. Sheppard was later allowed to leave the ship in the Puddle Jumper in which he arrived and immediately rendezvoused with the fleet of cloaked Puddle Jumpers from Atlantis that had finally arrived on the scene. However, these Puddle Jumpers were unable to damage the Ancient ship before the entire Traveler fleet entered hyperspace.

The Travelers apparently succeeded in making the adapter as Larrin later mentioned her people's ability to fire the ship's drones, saying they could, but not like Sheppard could, indicating that they may not have been able to use the weapon's chair or were not very good at using it. (SGA: "Travelers", "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

Battle of Asuras

Daedalus and Apollo escort the ship to the rendezvous point before the Battle of Asuras.

In 2008, this ship took part in the final battle of the Asuran-Tau'ri-Wraith war over the Asuran homeworld. After discovering Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's Puddle Jumper flying through space, at a location formerly occupied by a fleet of Wraith Hive ships, Larrin, the ship's commander, brought him aboard and soon discovered the Atlantis expedition's plan to destroy the Asurans. After being convinced to take part in the battle, the ship was then flown to M35-117. Upon the ship's arrival, several expedition members were transported to the ship in order to get it "battle ready". From there, after a brief briefing on the mission, Larrin piloted the ship, escorted by the Daedalus and Apollo, to the rendezvous point where they met up with seven Wraith Hive ships and five Traveler generational ships. At Larrin's request, Sheppard once again came aboard the ship for the battle as he was the best at firing the ship's Drone weapons which were needed for the battle. After their arrival, the fleet jumped into hyperspace.

In the ensuing battle, among taking other actions, this Aurora-class battleship destroyed an Asuran-controlled Aurora-class battleship with a fairly large salvo of drones fired by Sheppard, who was manning the ship's Control chair. After the battle, the ship returned to the rendezvous point and then M35-117. There, Atlantis aided the Travelers in repairing the ship and after a goodbye between Sheppard and Larrin, the Apollo beamed Sheppard off the ship to Atlantis. The ship soon left and rejoined the Travelers. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")


Later in 2008, this ship was destroyed in the massive explosion on the new Traveler colony caused when the planet's Stargate exploded due a side effect of the Vanir's activation of the Attero device. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")


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