"Got this from one of the locals. Barely put it on my arm before it fused to my skin. Since then, if I hit this light when it's green, I can disappear, move around from place to place."

The transporter wrist device is an advanced piece of technology that was used by the Runner Kiryk.


This item was a golden band which contained a circular green power display in its center. When placed near the arm, the machine automatically attached itself to the skin and fused into the body, preventing its removal. Once in place, the green light when pressed, will allow the user to teleport from one position to another. It was also capable of teleporting anyone that was in close proximity to the user.

The transporter device was only noted to be able to transport a person a short distance away from their present location. Once used repeatedly, the machine's central light will turn red, which indicated that it required some time to recharge before another use. Transporting more than one being at a time drew more power, with a longer pause for recharging the device.


Kiryk Teleport

Kiryk using the transporter to fight the Wraith

The device was found on a technologically advanced planet and was found by traders. It was given to the Runner Kiryk, who used it as a means of gaining an advantage over Wraith hunters. However, when Doctor Jennifer Keller used a defibrilator to short out the runner's Wraith tracker, the shock inadvertently damaged the transporter device which fell off Kiryk's arm.

Rodney McKay later studied the machine and noted that it was very complex and advanced. While tinkering with it, he patched up the device and allowed it to be functional once again. As this happened, Kiryk took it back and used it to distract the Wraith, allowing him to dial a Stargate and escape, thus forcing the Wraith hunters to follow him, allowing the Atlantis expedition the chance to escape themselves. (SGA: "Tracker")


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