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Transport Gliders, or Ring Gliders, are Goa'uld vessels designed for short-range transport of small groups of people. They are essentially modified Death Gliders.


One of these ships was used by Apophis to transport himself, Amaunet, Klorel, his inner circle of Goa'uld, and a group of Jaffa guards. The ship contained Transportation rings to collect its passengers, transporting them to and from the Stargate on Chulak to the Capital City. It also contains two staff cannons that were used to attack escaping prisoners near the Stargate. The craft was eventually shot down by SG-2, much to Apophis's irritation. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

Behind the scenesEdit

In Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut, the Transport Glider was replaced with a Tel'tak, effectively ret-conning the Transport Glider from the series.

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