Tracking implants are a piece of technology created by the Nakai whom Destiny encountered in 2009.


The main function of the device is by tracking through great distances. They can be implanted inside a human body. In one instance, the device was implented next to the victim's heart, making the procedure to removing it difficult. They can also be easily damaged. (SGU: "Divided")


Tracking implant

Tamara Johansen removes the implant from Nicholas Rush.

In 2009, Dr. Nicholas Rush, who was forcefully marooned on a Gravel pit planet by Colonel Everett Young, was abducted by the Nakai. During his capture, he remembered the aliens planting the tracker inside his chest, next to his heart, with the purpose that if he escapes back to Destiny, they would track the ship, since they became interested in it before the Destiny expedition arrived. Rush revealed this during the civilian mutiny of Destiny. After the military took back control of the ship, with the help of Lt. Tamara Johansen and Dr. Brightman, the device was successfully removed from Rush without serious injury. To destroy it, Lt. Matthew Scott smashed it with the butt of his sidearm. (SGU: "Divided")

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