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"Tracker" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis.


Dr. Jennifer Keller is kidnapped by a runner named Kiryk. While Dr. Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex track them, Kiryk takes Keller to a seriously injured young girl. She must work fast, as the Wraith have found them and are hunting them down.


McKay and Ronon scuffle over Keller's bag.

Dr. Rodney McKay prepares to go off-world, with Dr. Jennifer Keller to M33-985 on a routine medical check-up, since the natives are undergoing an outbreak, comparable to Influenza, but milder. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard notices that he is preparing to impress her, and thinking it's strange that he would volunteer doing humanitarian work on his day off, but lets him off. McKay arrives in the Gate Room to go with Keller, but notices that Ronon Dex has also volunteered to join in, much to the annoyance of McKay. The chemistry between the two doesn't start well, when they both, at the same time offer to hold a bag for her. In the end, McKay lets Ronon take it.

When they arrive on M33-985, Keller checks up on a boy, who has the fever. She agrees on giving the boy some medication, some Neuraminidase inhibitor (which McKay memorized) to help ease through the infection. She then starts to check up on Erran, the boy's mother, and tells McKay and Ronon to get to the local tavern to get lunch, so that she wouldn't be bothered. They both go to get some lunch in the tavern. During the meal, McKay notices a leg of some kind of bird in his stew, and wouldn't eat it (unlike Ronon). After they finish, they come back to Erran's house, the same house the infected boy was in. She tells them that she has finished with them both and then gone to join them in the tavern. However, when they arrive at the tavern, they notice that Keller is nowhere to be seen. They radio for her answer, but there is none. She has mysteriously disappeared.

Keller awakens from her capture.

Meanwhile, Keller awakens next to a tree, and bound with rope. She notices a mysterious man rummaging through her bags. When he finds out that she has awakened, he turns to her. Keller asks questions. However, the man aims a Wraith handblaster at her, and warns her not to talk, and if she continues to ask questions, he will stun her. She agrees to the terms. He picks her up, and takes her through the forest. However, Keller attempts to run. The man suddenly disappears, then reappears in front of a fleeing Keller, and stuns her.

The planet has some unexpected visitors.

Ronon is also trekking through the forest, and sees tracks, one set belonging to Keller, and another belonging to a mysterious figure. He informs McKay, who is on his way to the Stargate, to call back-up from Atlantis. However, just he is about to dial, he notices someone else is dialing in. McKay takes cover and watches the gate activate. He sees four Wraith step through, and splitting. McKay warns Ronon over the radio, but McKay snaps a twig by accident, alerting one of the Wraith, who notices McKay.

McKay hastily runs out of the area, but is continually being followed by the Wraith. He eventually hides behind a tree trunk, until he feels the Wraith has disappeared. However, the Wraith is right behind him. McKay pulls out his sidearm and shoots him a few times. However, the Wraith isn't much affected, so he stops McKay and is about to feed on him, when Ronon saves him, by killing the Wraith. He tells McKay that this Wraith is a Wraith hunter, who hunts for runners, meaning there is a runner somewhere on the planet. McKay and Ronon rush back to the village and warns everyone of the Wraith presence. The villagers decide to evacuate to the caverns, a known hiding place from the last Wraith culling.

Keller re-awakens, with the man with her. He tells her that she must never run away again. He promises to tell her everything when they arrive at a certain location. However, a Wraith hunter approaches. The runner was able to disappear again, and re-appear next to the hunter, and drives a sword to him. They both run away, where he tells Keller that he is a runner. Keller tells him that she knows a runner, who had a tracking device on him. Keller tells him that she will remove the tracker. The runner agrees. Keller uses a scanner to search for the device. However, when she discovers it, she notices that the device is fused on the spine and brain stem, meaning that removing the device will kill him.

While McKay and Ronon follow the footprints, Ronon notices that the tracks are out on the open, which is unusual for a runner, since they should try to hide their tracks. However, Ronon then notices a brutal floor trap. Ronon tells McKay that runners "aren't stupid", and they move on, only to find more traps. They eventually encounter another Wraith, only this time, McKay shot him enough to kill him. He notices that if they are tracking a runner, he should acquire the tracking device on the hunter's arm. However, they are very far away, but continue on.

Kiryk shows Keller his Transporter wrist device.

Keller and the runner manages to go up a set of cliffs, without the need to climb up. There, Keller notices that the runner has a Transporter wrist device, which explains how he was able to kidnap her that quickly. At night, he then takes her to a cavern, which houses a ten-year-old girl named Celise. The runner once spent one night on a planet, when the Wraith attacked. He was able to save her and evacuated the planet. She is seriously injured, but the runner was able to look after her. She suffers from a very bad infection from the wound, and will soon die if she wasn't treated. He cleaned out the wound the best he could, and later heard of the Atlantis expedition. When an annoyed Keller points out that he simply had to ask for her help instead of kidnapping her, Kiryk tells her people don't like Runners and he felt the situation serious enough that he couldn't risk her saying no.

Keller attempts to save her, while the runner keeps a look out. Celise awakens, and tells Keller that the runner's name is Kiryk. She also says that he has looked after her, and even made a doll for her, and became a father-figure to her. Keller was able to clean out the wound the best she could, but needs to go to Atlantis for more care. However, a Wraith was able to track them, stuns Kiryk and finds Celise. He is about to feed on her, when Keller drives a knife through the hunter, killing him. She then carried Celise to a safe distance, and later came back for Kiryk, and dragged him to Celise.

Keller prepares to fry Kiryk's tracker.

The next morning, Kiryk awakens, and Keller said that there is a probable solution to help him. She would use a defibrillator that would theoretically disable the tracker, which would mean he would no longer be followed, but it carries a risk of killing him in the process. Kiryk tells her that either way, he would be free, and would freely take care of Celise without constantly being hunted. Keller manages to perform the plan, which worked, the tracker is no longer transmitting though she has trouble reviving Kiryk. However, this would mean that McKay and Ronon are no longer able to track Jennifer, and the Wraith would send an army of more hunters and Wraith Darts to search for him. Another problem is that the teleportation device was also burnt out by the defibrillator charge. It came off his arm and no longer lights up. Kiryk starts to throw it away, but Jennifer asks for it, saying she knows someone who would love to study technology like this.

Despite the tracker signal going dead, Ronon is able to find Kiryk and Keller, and starts to attack him. The pair fight, until Keller is able to stop them, explaining that Kiryk was just desperate to save Celise. They see Darts in the sky and realize the tracking signal going dead brought the Wraith to investigate. McKay tells Ronon and Kiryk that they should all work together to get back to Atlantis. Ronon and Kiryk agree it's their best chance. However, more Wraith have found them, and ambush them. McKay shoots at one, until his gun is empty. Keller fights one off with a stick in a fighting style similar to Teyla's, buying time, while McKay reloads and finishes him off. Ronon and Kiryk manages to take out another Wraith and Kiryk throws Ronon a knife. He twists it into the Wraith and finishes him. Keller explains that she was able to hold off the Wraith due to a few sparring sessions with Ronon. They continue their journey and the two former runners bond a bit with Ronon sympathizing with Kiryk due to having been responsible for the destruction of an innocent village while a Runner himself.

The team comes near the Stargate, when they see a group of at least six Wraith, and more being hidden, guarding it. They plan to shoot their way through. However, this is not necessary, as McKay is able to fix the teleportation device. Kiryk tells the rest he would buy time, so that the rest would escape and save Celise. Kiryk wastes no time in teleporting away, and kills several Wraith while teleporting himself from one location to another. However, soon the teleportation device burns out. He holds them off with a stunner while he dials the Gate to another world. He goes through it, with all the Wraith hunters and darts following, leaving his fate unknown. The team reach the now unguarded gate and dial Atlantis.

The team recounting the events on M33-985.

Now back in Atlantis, Keller was successful in saving Celise. She is now making a full recovery. She is playing one of McKay's hand-held computer game called Fowl Play, when Sheppard tells them that a family in M33-985 would be more than happy to take Celise, to look after her. She wonders when she will see Kiryk again. The team says they don't know. Ronon then comes to Celise and gives her back the doll she dropped on the planet.

At the end of the events, McKay comes to Ronon in the gym and wonders whether Ronon has a romantic interest in Keller. Ronon admits that he does, who also learns the McKay too has a romantic interest in Keller as well. They both agree not to fight over her, and agrees on letting her decide who to go with, wishing "may the best man win", before shaking hands.


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Notable quotes

(While evacuating a village, Ronon and McKay guide them to safety)
McKay: That's it. That's it. (to a large person) Mind your step, sir.
Burly Woman: Sir?
McKay: Ma'am, sorry. Uh... (gestures at his upper lip) you have a... (to Ronon) That is clearly a moustache!

Ronon: It's going to be dark soon.
McKay: Actually, we have two hours, 43 minutes, and 17 seconds. This planet's sun currently has a very gradual angle of descent and a very short night. I always make it a point to download the planetary data on every address I dial, even goodwill missions. Yeah, things like atmospheric conditions. soil consistencies, available water supplies… what?
Ronon: Just wondering how long you'd make it out here without your little gadgets.
McKay: You know, I think you'd be surprised, you know. I may not be exactly what you'd call an outdoors person. But that doesn't mean I don't find the man vs. nature thing uninteresting. Hell, I joined a scouting organization when I was a child. Lodge 14 of the Fort McMurray Eager Beavers.
Ronon: Beavers?
McKay: Yep, large rodent, big teeth. They use 'em to chop down trees and build dams. Very industrious. I was with them for a few months before they asked me to leave, but I got the manual, still have it… Scouting for Beavers. Valuable resource.

McKay: (to Ronon) I'm sorry, but I guarantee you at some point you're going to need my help. You'll see. There'll be some problem you can't solve, and then you'll turn to me. I'll figure it out in the nick of time. And you'll say "Good job" or just grunt or slap me on the back harder than necessary.

(Sheppard walks into the infirmary, followed by Ronon)
Sheppard: Well, how's our little patient?
Keller: Oh, much better. She's a heck of a fighter.
(Sheppard looks at Celise, gesturing at Rodney.)
Sheppard: Is he bothering you? Cause I can have him removed...forcibly.
Celise: (hopefully) Really?
McKay: Yeah, he's kidding.

(In the Atlantis gym)
McKay: OK, here's the thing. I've been thinking and, uh, I need to know your intentions.
Ronon: Intentions?
McKay: With Jennifer.
Ronon: I don't have any intentions.
McKay: Oh! OK. Good. (smiles and starts to leave)
Ronon: Wait. (McKay stops) What d'you mean by intentions?
McKay: I mean, are you interested in her in a... romantic fashion?
Ronon: No.
McKay: Good! (starts to leave again)
Ronon: Wait. (McKay stops again)
McKay: What?
Ronon: Maybe I do... have intentions.
McKay: (groaning) Oh.
Ronon: Do you have intentions?
McKay: Yes, well, of course I do, that's why I was asking you.
Ronon: So what are we gonna do about it?
McKay: I don't know. (Ronon lifts a stick and swings it gently in McKay's direction) I'm not gonna fight you for her, if that's what you're thinking.
Ronon: Great!
McKay: I'm not gonna step aside, either, so we're just gonna have to let her decide.
Ronon: OK.
McKay: OK. So... may the best man win. (they shake hands)


Main Characters

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  • Celise's village was attacked by Wraith because Kiryk spent a night there. Ronon Dex was in at least one similar situation. In the Season 3 episode "Sateda", he returned to a village that had been culled by Wraith as a direct result of his presence while still a Runner.
  • When Dr. Rodney McKay picks up the Wraith tracking system he says to Ronon "We don't have to play Mantracker anymore." Mantracker is a Canadian TV series in which a seasoned tracker and a sidekick attempt to track and find/capture two contestants through the wilderness.
  • McKay describes his experiences as a Beaver Scout in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Comments made by McKay in a previous episode, "The Return, Part 2", suggested he grew up in Ontario.
  • McKay compares the short nights on this planet to the town Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada. It lies so close to the Arctic Circle that, during the summer months, it has very short nights.
  • While Chuck doesn't physically appear, he is apparently on-duty at the beginning of the episode as Dr. Jennifer Keller orders Chuck to dial the Stargate.


  • When Dr. Rodney McKay points out that Ronon Dex and Kiryk should fight together instead of fighting each other, you can see Kiryk putting his stunner in the holster, while standing still. Then we see him from the back, walking, putting the stunner in the holster.
  • When McKay shoots the Wraith during the fight in the clearing, he runs out of ammunition after a few shots and has to reload as Keller fights the Wraith off. However, his gun's slide doesn't click open after he runs out of ammunition but is open while he's reloading the gun.


  • Nominated Leo for "Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series" (Jewel Staite)

Other languages

  • Hungarian: A vadász vadásza (The Hunter of the Hunter)
  • German: Fährtensucher (Tracker)
  • French: Jeu de piste (Tracking game)

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