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'''Torri Higginson''' plays Dr. [[Elizabeth Weir]] on [[Stargate: Atlantis]].
'''Torri Higginson''' plays Dr. Elizabeth Weir on ''Stargate: Atlantis''.
*[[Elizabeth Weir]] ([[Elizabeth Weir - List of Appearances|appearences]] including the first ones where another actor played the role)
*[[Elizabeth Weir]] ([[Stargate SG-1]], [[Stargate Atlantis]])
**([[Elizabeth Weir - List of Appearances|List of Appearances]]
*[[Elizabeth Weir#Alternate realities|Elizabeth Weir]] from an [[Alternate Realities|alternate reality]] (Stargate Atlantis)

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Torri Higginson plays Dr. Elizabeth Weir on Stargate: Atlantis.


Torri Higginson at IMDB.

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