"Well, if it's all right with you, I was thinking of Torren John, after my father and after you."
Teyla Emmagan to John Sheppard[src]

Torren John Emmagan is the infant son of Teyla Emmagan and Kanaan. He was named after John Sheppard and Teyla's father.


Before birthEdit

"The child will serve the cause."
―Hybrid Kanaan.[src]

Torren was conceived by Athosians Teyla Emmagan and Kanaan sometime in 2007. Early in the pregnancy Teyla realized that her son would have the same ability as she and Kanaan. This included the ability to interact with Wraith technology and to sense their close proximity. Because of her child, Teyla was able to pilot a Hive Ship much more easily than she had the last time. She also managed to take complete control of a Hive Queen since her last attempt to overcome a Wraith mind in the Mobile drilling platform. (SGA: "Missing", "Spoils of War")

The possibility of a child having these abilities had greatly intrigued Michael Kenmore, thinking it would serve a great purpose in his plans for galactic domination. He had Teyla captured in order to gain control of her child. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1", "The Kindred, Part 2")


When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team found Teyla, she started having contractions. Dr. Rodney McKay was left to look after Teyla, and later had to deliver the child, albeit very reluctantly. However, McKay was able to deliver the baby. After arriving back in Atlantis, Teyla named the baby Torren John. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")

Teyla later devoted much of her time looking after Torren. He discovered that he would only sleep if she would carry and walk him. After Kanaan was eventually released back to Atlantis, he was to look after him after Teyla agreed to rejoin the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team. McKay once dropped him, though he claimed he jumped out. McKay also claimed that Teyla is keeping Torren from McKay after the incident. However, she eventually handed Torren to him for a minute, before Teyla took him back. (SGA: "The Seed", "Broken Ties", "The Daedalus Variations")

Eventually, Michael managed to infiltrate Atlantis later in 2008, with the stolen Puddle Jumper, in order to kidnap Torren and use his DNA to perfect his Hybrid research. Knowing, Teyla won't give him up easily, she managed to hide with him where Michael and his Hybrids can't find them. In anger, Michael planned to destroy the base, but had gotten hold Torren's DNA to create a duplicate of him (such as the way he cloned Carson Beckett) where the real Torren would be killed in the city's self-destruct. However, Michael's plan was foiled. Teyla killed Michael personally, ending the threat to Torren from him forever. At the end, Teyla noticed that Torren slept through the whole ordeal, through the night, something he has never done since he was born. (SGA: "The Prodigal")


While on Earth, Torren was taken care of by Teyla and John Sheppard and used as an example of the people of the Pegasus galaxy in the expedition's efforts to get the IOA to allow Atlantis to return there. Teyla later explains to Rodney McKay that Torren was the product of what was essentially a one-night stand between her and Kanaan while she was grieving the death of Kate Heightmeyer and asks about contacting Kanaan to tell him that they are alright as he had already lost one child to the Wraith. After returning to Pegasus, Teyla visits New Athos where Torren is greeted by his father. Kanaan takes Torren away to spend time with him, but essentially ignores Teyla. Kanaan later asks Teyla that they end their relationship as it isn't good for either of them, but that he be allowed to remain part of Torren's life though she can keep Torren. As they discuss this, they are interrupted by arrival of the Wraith, something that Teyla, Kanaan and Torren all sense, resulting in Torren crying. Kanaan quickly takes Torren to safety as the Atlantis team fights the Wraith. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")


By 2029, Torren would be going by the nickname of TJ and have developed powerful abilities from his heritage as a Wraithkin, including an illusionary ability strong enough to fool the Wraith. (SGA: "A Blade of Atlantis")


Torren is a Wraithkin with all of the abilities of one. According to the Torren of 2029, due to his lineage, he is a human with all of the gifts of a Wraith save longevity and lacking the need to feed. (SGA: "A Blade of Atlantis")


Alternate timelineEdit

  • In an alternate timeline, Torren was taken by Michael and had his mother killed. The baby was used to perfect Michael's Hybrids to take over the Pegasus Galaxy. (SGA: "The Last Man")

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The baby's first name was Torren, apparently named after Teyla's father. However, Teyla introduced herself as "Teyla Emmagan, Daughter of Tagan", implying that Tagan is her mother. Joseph Mallozzi has implied this connection in his blog.
  • Despite being a baby boy, the actual baby that portrays Torren was Annalise MacCulloch, who is evidently a girl.
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