Unconfirmed Canon

Tonjiir Tigerman is a well-known offensive tactician who joined Vala Mal Doran on her mission to retrieve valuable data for her employer and discover a rare plant that could have grate power.

Tonjiir went on a meeting with other smugglers on the planet Charos in which he was hired by Vala Mal Doran. (SG1: "Vala Mal Doran 1")

He used his agility to help Vala erase all of their criminal info stored on the Intelix Networks on Verta. He went with Vala to assist the funeral of Tanger Rettra on Inferra and was captured by Stanley Truitt. He along with Vala where escorted to the prison on Penetera. (SG1: "Vala Mal Doran 2")

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