Tomoko Hirana were male Hidoman from Hidoma. Tomoko survived Susanowas attack on Hidoma. He sent a radio message to other survivors. He was elected to Shimanas new leader and was city engineer before destruction, and quickly began to assign Reconstruction and carry information to individuals based on their talents and abilities. Within months, enough of the city's dead had been buried or cremated to allow extended habitation residential and tools had been modified to provide reliable service to a sharp decline in population.

Food compound was correct, and the survivors effort soon focused on issues that go beyond the basic day-to-day life. Hirana had given orders that Stargate would remain inactive and avoiding followed without exception. The city recorded food supplies started shrinking and so started the greenhouse and gardens being built all the time. For centuries ago after the holocaust was enclosed a personal cult based around Tomoko Hirana had occurred. The engineer was seen as the savior of Hidomas residents and the ancestor of the current culture and society. Shrines and statues dedicated to him appears in most neighborhoods and villages. Parents provide simple offerings to Hirana hoping to engineers spirit will bring sound judgment and scientific skills to their children, and images of Hirana worn by the majority of Shimanas engineers and scientist. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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