Tomis Lee was a Kelownan scientist and colleague of Jonas Quinn. He was the chief physicist who oversaw the Kelownan Naquadria bomb project to turn the mineral into a powerful destructive weapon, and was astounded by the power behind the volatile element.



During an inspection of his experiments by SG-1, the Naquadria became unstable, generating a build-up that would have ultimately destroyed the civilization. Realizing his mistake, Lee fled. However, Dr. Daniel Jackson, who was also present at the time, sacrificed himself and manually disabled the overloading Naquadria bomb, receiving a lethal dose of radiation in the process. (SG1: "Meridian")

He eventually suffered from schizophrenia from exposure to Naquadria and like Dr. Kieran was taken to a mental health facility in Kelowna. (SG1: "Shadow Play")

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