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Tollana Theft.png
Colonel Jack O'Neill stealing a weapons scanner from Tollana.

The Tollan weapons scanner was a small device that disables all weapons technology apart from Tollan sidearms as they passed through it. The scanner was effective on both projectile weaponry, like those carried by the Tau'ri, and energy weapons, like those used by the Goa'uld. Typically placed in the doorways or hallways of strategically important buildings and rooms, they were designed to be easily disconnected for inspection and repair. It is unknown what effect, if any, it would have on the weapons of other races that the Tollan had not encountered. Despite its ability to disable energy weapons, it is highly unlikely that the device works on any form of melee weapon (such as a knife). Colonel Jack O'Neill once stole one of these scanners after the Tollan again refused to give them technology. (SG1: "Pretense", "Shades of Grey")

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