"Well, look who's here. Come to retrieve your vastly superior stuff? You know, it'd be a lot more superior if it wasn't so easy to steal!"
Jack O'Neill[src]

Tollan technology was very advanced, and superior to that of most other Milky Way civilizations. In the year 2001 Tollan technology was so far ahead of Tau'ri technology that reverse-engineering a Tollan Ion cannon for mass production was well beyond the Tau'ris' current level of advancement. (SG1: "Between Two Fires")


"...they all emit low levels of radiation indicating an operative energy source, but there's no circuitry, moving parts or chips. We've never seen anything like it."
Samantha Carter on the nature of Tollan technology[src]

One of the most impressive examples of Tollan technology is the ion cannon. These powerful weapons are capable of destroying a Goa'uld Ha'tak with even a single shot and have served in Tollana's defense several times. The Tollan have also constructed their own Stargate with the help of the Nox, since their new homeworld did not originally possess one. The most important Tollan buildings were protected by technology that disabled all weapons it detected (including Tau'ri projectile weapons and Goa'uld staff weapons) while leaving the hand weapons carried by their own security forces unaffected. They also developed emotion-recording technology and phase-shifting devices that allowed the user to walk through solid matter, including Earth's iris. Also, every Tollan had a small implant in his/her body that monitored the carrier's health. In case of a medical emergency, this implant would automatically alert the emergency services. This small device could also be used to track one's position, although this was highly illegal.

The Tollan Possessed star travel though no ships were ever seen on screen, its likely however that their FTL technology's speed was slow, similar to early Goa'uld vessels, as Earth was too far from Tollana for the Tollan to be picked up by ship, and when O'Neil was stranded on a planet in "A Hundred Days" it was said a ship would take a year to reach him.

Tollan technology contains no wires, moving parts, circuitry, or anything else found in normal mechanical devices, decreasing the possibility of compatibility with technology from other cultures. Most of it is constructed from an alloy composed of trinium and various other elements.

Known technology[]

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