Tolii is the Tok'ra Emissary and Counselor for the Phoenix Alliance.


Background information[]

Tolii's past hosts prior to Sulo included Kalira and Priam.


Tolii spent time in the town of Haven and gained deeper insights. Ambassador Ashlee Kelley taught Tolii how to play pool, which allowed Tolii to recognize its social function even though Tolii didn't enjoy the game itself. Tolii also had conversations with Ry'anne that allowed Tolii to better understand the Jaffa's anger at their enslavement by the Goa'uld, and the sadness on the loss of their own culture.

Tolii gave a speech to the Tok'ra Council about the Phoenix Alliance and the town of Haven. Tolii also requested to be appointed to the Council of Haven, as Tolii believed that it was essential that the Tok'ra appoint an Emissary and Tolii had a good relationship with the Tau'ri Ambassador Ashlee Kelley and the Jaffa Councilor Ry'anne.

Tolii became the Tok'ra Emissary for the Phoenix Alliance and its Council. (RPG: "Core Rulebook")

The Council was in charge of the fate of Taweret's Symbiote facility that was discovered by Phoenix-1. Oringo, Maste and Lanni convinced Palila to speak to Tolii on the matter to keep the Goa'uld base intact. When it came time to the vote for it, Tolii and all the other Councilors unanimously voted to keep it. [1] (RPG: "Watershed")


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