Tok'ra moon destabilizer

The Tok'ra moon destabilizer inside a box on a Tel'tak

The Tok'ra moon destabilizer is a Tok'ra weapon created to cause the core of a moon to destabilize and explode.


According to the Tok'ra Aldwin, the weapon works by being fired into a moon's core. Once in the core, it forces the base elements into a cataclysmic chain reaction that ultimately causes the moon to explode. The reaction takes twelve minutes to reach critical mass and during that time, effects of the destabilization are immediately apparent, resulting in the entire moon shaking and steam geysers amongst other things. The destabilization can be detected by the sensors of a Ha'tak in orbit. (SG1: "The Devil You Know")


Upon learning of the fact that Sokar's force was ten times what they believed it to be and that he was poised to defeat the System Lords and take control of the galaxy, the Tok'ra High Council decided to take action by sending Tok'ra operative Aldwin to use the Tok'ra moon destabilizer on Netu. With the rebellion of the former System Lord Apophis, the High Council knew that Sokar would take his Ha'tak into orbit to cleanse the denizens before launching his attack on the System Lords. Thus if the weapon was used on Netu while Sokar was in orbit, the explosion would destroy the ship and kill Sokar, ending his threat.

Accompanied by the Jaffa Teal'c, Aldwin traveled to Netu in a Tel'tak where Aldwin began the procedure to launch the weapon from one of the ship's escape pod tubes after seeing the Ha'tak in orbit while Teal'c received communication from the rest of SG-1. Though Teal'c protested, Aldwin launched the weapon into the moon's core through one of the holes Sokar had blasted in its surface, causing the moon to immediately begin destabilizing.

SG-1 managed to use the effects of the destabilization to escape their cell and used Netu's ring transporter to escape to the Tel'tak in orbit. The weapon caused Netu to explode, destroying Sokar's ship and killing Sokar himself. However, Apophis was able to take advantage of Sokar's death to take control of Sokar's forces for himself. (SG1: "The Devil You Know")

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