The Tok'ra homeworld is the location where the last of Ba'al clones, presumably the last of the Goa'uld System Lords was finally extracted from his host. SG-1, along with General Jack O'Neill, went to the planet to watch the ceremony. As he ceremony was about to be completed, Vala Mal Doran and Teal'c mysteriously vanished. After them the Tok'ra in the city along with the city itself also began to vanish. Mitchell, Carter, and Jackson quickly rushed to the world's Stargate and dialed back to Earth. They, however, then found themselves in an alternate timeline as the original Ba'al was still alive and had changed history. When the timeline was finally fixed by Mitchell everything reverted back to normal as if the time change had never happened. As such the last of Ba'al's clones Goa'uld was extracted, finally bringing the System Lords to an end. (Stargate: Continuum)

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