Tok'ra Tel'tak

A Tel'tak of the Tok'ra

The Tok'ra fleet is a military unit comprised of ships in the naval force controlled by the Tok'ra.


The Tok'ra fleet is a Tok'ra naval organisation that comprises captured Goa'uld starships of various classes. Due to the partisan like Tok'ra resistance the fleet comprises mostly of smaller ship classes, meant for spying and cargo transportation. The fleet grew significantly after the collapse of the Goa'uld empire. As most Tok'ra organisations, the Tok'ra fleet has close ties with both the Free Jaffa Nation and its fleet, as well as the Tau'ri and their fleet.

Major actionsEdit

Ship ClassesEdit

  • Ha'tak - The general purpose Goa'uld Mothership
  • Al'kesh - A mid-range Bomber
  • Tel'tak - Goa'uld Scout ship

Specific shipsEdit

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