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The Tok'ra are similar to the [[Goa'uld]]. They are a "blending" of a ''symbiote'' with a [[Tau'ri|Human]], but they come from a different [[Goa'uld Queen]]. Instead of the Goa'uld paracitically taking over the host's body, with the Tok'ra it is a partnership or blending.Though the same species as the Goa'uld, the Tok'ra are a resistance movement who live in voluntary symbiosis with their human hosts -- and thus refuse to be called "Goa'uld" because of their philosophical differences. More than 2,000 years ago a Goa'uld queen, [[Egeria]], realized what true evil the species was and made a decision to turn against the ways of [[Ra]] and the [[System Lord]]s. All her offspring have genetically inherited the same ideals, and the Tok'ra (literally meaning "Against Ra") movement was born.
The Tok'ra become easily offended if their symbiotic creatures are referred to as Goa'uld, believing that they are vastly different then their Goa'uld brethren. They have been mercilessly hunted by the System Lords since their formation.
The Tok'ra are always on the run, changing the location of their base of operations every few years and operating multiple bases simultaneously. They live in subterranean tunnels they grow from special crystals. Once they arrive on a planet they immediately move underground with these crystals, forging corridors and rooms. This is how they have remained greatly undetected by the System Lords for thousands of years.
Often Tok'ra operatives are sent on missions to infiltrate and subvert the plans of the System Lords. Many Tok'ra spies have been implanted in various Goa'uld groups across the galaxy, rarely being discovered.
The Tok'ra are governed by the [[Tok'ra High Council]]. To keep from being entirely wiped out, there is more than one base of operations -- though one base is typically larger than the smaller cells, functioning essentially as a temporary Tok'ra homeworld. Since [[Stargate_SG-1|SG-1]] met the group, they have moved to the desert planet [[Vorash]], then to the forested world of [[Revanna]]. When the Goa'uld [[Zipacna]] (in the service of [[Anubis]]) discovered their location and attacked, the entire base was wiped out -- leaving only those Tok'ra in cell bases and away on missions as survivors.
Though the group has sustained many casualties over the years, their determination to wipe the Goa'uld scurge from the face of the galaxy is stronger than ever. Their long-term goal has been to keep the System Lords feuding with one another, so that no one Goa'uld can rise to dominant power. With the development of a symbiote toxin, however, they have begun to act more agressively, hoping to one day exterminate the Goa'uld completely.
Known Tok'ra:<br>
Known Tok'ra:<br>
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Known Tok'ra:
Jacob Carter

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