"As handsome as he is evil."

Togar is the scientist who created the computer program Urgo, in his own image.

Biography[edit | edit source]

2000[edit | edit source]

Togar had lived on the planet designated P4X-884 by Stargate Command for an unknown timespan. Eventually he created the program Urgo, which was inserted into a small implant to be put into other people's heads. Togar was everything Urgo was not, an introvert and a humorless individual. In 2000, SG-1 visited the planet for the first time, only to be implanted with Urgo and sent back through the Stargate after their memories were wiped.

Over the next few days, Urgo began to appear to the members of the SG-1, becoming an incredible annoying presence. The SGC eventually found a way to contact Togar, who asked them to come back to his planet for Urgo to be removed. Despite Urgo's warnings, the team went back, only to be teleported into Togar's laboratory, where the scientist awaited the team with a weapon. He then showed them what Urgo truly was and how he functioned. Although Togar planned to destroy Urgo after having him removed from the brains of SG-1, the team convinced him to implant Urgo in his own head. He eventually agreed and after removing Urgo from the team's heads and implanting him into his own, Togar sent them back, again with their memories wiped. (SG1: "Urgo")

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