The Tobin system is the star system of the now extinct Tobin. The Tobin's legacy includes a vast minefield in the system surrounding their homeworld. The mines are programmed to target certain energy frequencies, including Goa'uld weapons fire. The mines also do not stay still within the field but randomly shift around. The system is considered perfect neutral ground for the Goa'uld to meet; if one fires, his ship will be assaulted by the large mines.

Apophis and Heru'ur used this system to discuss a potential alliance, but was interrupted by a Tok'ra plot with the help of SG-1. The Tok'ra gained possession of a Tobin technical manual for the mines, which they originally could not entirely translate as it was based in Phoenician. However, with the help of Dr. Daniel Jackson they were able to reprogram the mine and cause it to hit Apophis' mothership. In retaliation Apophis attacks and destroys Heru'ur and his fleet. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")

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