The Tobin were a species of Humans who originally hailed from Earth, but were taken by the Goa'uld to a planet in the Tobin system. At some point in time, however, they were able to throw off the shackles of the Goa'uld and develop a technologically advanced society, creating space mines among other technologies. The Tobins were descendants of the Phoenicians on Earth.


Tobin written language.

Some time before the year 2000, the Tobin were wiped out, though their planet was still orbited by hundreds of thousands of mines, a testament to their ingenuity, as well as their final mark on the galaxy. Following their destruction, the Tobin's planet was located inside neutral Goa'uld territory, and was subsequently used as a rendezvous point for warring Goa'uld factions, as the mines would annihilate any side that chose to open fire. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")

The Tobin race died out due to a venom designed to create hallucinations. (SG1: "Unsichtbare Feinde")

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