The Tlak'kahn warriors are a lizard-like alien race who visited Central America on Earth and contacted the native Aztecs and Mayans and who, like the Goa'uld, enslaved the population there to worship them as gods. Both Mayans and Aztecs obviously got their inspiration for pyramid shrines from their fleet of step-pyramid ships. They carry a staff-shaped weapon closely resembling the Goa'uld Ma'Tok staffs used by the Jaffa. Their home planet is Mahg'ba'tahn. One of the many commanders of their army is Commander Da'kyll. He contracted some Sheftu to observe a variety of different planets in search of the Ancients. One of those many was Nephestis, who was sent to Earth. He took the image of Captain Arnold Grimes. (INF)

There ruling body was the Nax'kan Council of which Hah'lak was the ruling councilor.

Known Tlak'kahnEdit


  • The Tlak'kahn seem to have stolen much of their technology from the Goa'uld, as much of their technology seem to strongly resemble Goa'uld technology.
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