This episode is part 3 of 3; it is preceded by "Reckoning, Part 1" and "Reckoning, Part 2".

"Threads" is the eighteenth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


After the defeat of the Replicators, Dr. Daniel Jackson ends up in an Astral Diner, where Oma Desala offers him ascension again. Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter starts having second thoughts about marrying Pete Shanahan, after finding out her father is dying. Anubis plans on taking Dakara and using the superweapon to destroy every living thing in the galaxy.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter begins dating Pete Shanahan, who eventually proposes marriage. After his Ascension, Dr. Daniel Jackson discovers that Anubis is also ascended, and is unable to stop him from destroying Abydos. Jackson then returns to human form and rejoins SG-1. Jackson is kidnapped and his mind is probed by Replicator Carter who discovers within the location of a weapon capable of destroying all Replicators before killing him. After the Rebel Jaffa capture the planet Dakara, Carter and Jacob Carter find and use the weapon, destroying every Replicator in the galaxy at once.


Ba'al has escaped and is missing, but after millenia of slavery at the hands of false gods, finally, the Jaffa have claimed their freedom. Teal'c and Bra'tac are knighted Blood Kin by the new Free Jaffa Nation, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a Jaffa, at the Temple of Dakara. When the Jaffa bow to them in respect, Bra'tac makes them stand, for he declares that no Jaffa shall ever bow before another person, and furthermore, never again bow before a false god.

With the Replicators destroyed and the Goa'uld defeated, Stargate Command is a little more peaceful. Somewhere out there, Anubis and Ba'al remain, but they can ignore that for now. However, perhaps because it's too peaceful, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill refuses to accept that Dr. Daniel Jackson is dead, not wanting to be "tricked" as last time, when Daniel managed to Ascend and then come back to life much later. However, they all know that Daniel was on Replicator Carter's ship when it was destroyed, which gives him zero chance of being alive.

During the events prior to the ship's destruction, Daniel was indeed killed. However, the visions of Oma Desala which RepliCarter forged for Daniel may not have been as empty as they seemed - for Daniel finds himself in a strange Astral Diner, a café, full of people, where the waitress is Oma Desala. This place seems to be some kind of strange Ascended metaphor.

Daniel seats himself and talks to Oma. She explains that she has once again given him the choice to Ascend and live, or die. If he Ascends, he must accept that he can never help his friends again (as that's against the rules). If he leaves the diner, he dies. It is a difficult choice for Daniel. He knows that last time he couldn't resist breaking the rules.

The diner is full of other Ascended Ancients, none of whom will talk to Daniel, because that's beneath them. One other man, however, a large, fat man, seems to be arguing with Oma. Daniel talks to this man, who talks back, calling himself Jim. The man seems some kind of rebel who doesn't take too much notice of the pedantic rules of the Others. Jim is reading a newspaper called The Ascended Times which details happenings in the mortal world. It describes that Anubis is tricking the new Free Jaffa Nation so that he can take back Dakara. If Anubis captures Dakara, the whole galaxy could be destroyed, as Anubis wishes to use the Dakara superweapon to kill all life in the galaxy. Daniel knows that he must help his friends out before it's too late, but can't work out how he can do it. He screams at the others, but they do not even turn.

The Free Jaffa Nation attacks an empty Tartarus with the majority of its forces leaving a weak force defending Dakara. Against warnings, they do not destroy the Dakara superweapon. Now Anubis attacks Dakara and takes it back. It is now only a small matter of time before he uses it to destroy all life in the galaxy.

In the meantime, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter is questioning her decision to marry Pete Shanahan, even going so far as to visit Jack unannounced to discuss it, only to find him there with Kerry Johnson (a CIA agent heading up the investigation into Goa'uld still at large after an incident with The Trust), with whom he is in a (secret) relationship. Her father, Jacob Carter, also informs her that Selmak is dying, and that he will have to die with him, apologizing because he will miss her wedding. He also tells her that he wants her to be happy, that she can still have everything she wants, and not to let rules stand in her way, implying that she should leave Pete for Jack.

Meanwhile, Kerry, though she liked Jack and thought they were "good together," breaks up with him after she sensed the feelings he still had for Carter. They parted on good terms; before leaving, she advised Jack that he was making a mistake by letting Air Force regulations prevent him and Sam from being happy together, advising him to retire, and inferring that even as a civilian he could still run the SGC, as a civilian (Dr. Elizabeth Weir) had been appointed to run the SGC before. After Kerry leaves, Jack visits the infirmary to comfort Sam. Until Jacob's eventual death, she speaks with him about her happiness at the closeness she and her father have enjoyed over the past several years, noting that Selmak has in a sense given her back her father. Soon after, Jacob dies; his last words are to Sam: "I love you." After Jacob's death, Sam ends her relationship with Pete.

Back in the Astral Diner, Oma explains that she has gotten in trouble before for helping people like Daniel Ascend, and she has been punished. There are deep-seated rules in the Ascended universe that not even she would dare to break. There seems to be something sinister about Oma's connection with Jim, whatever it is.

At the last moment, Daniel works it out. Anubis is half-Ascended, and it was Oma that helped him Ascend. Anubis had tricked her into thinking he was not evil, and as a punishment for breaking the rules, the Others didn't totally de-ascend Anubis, but gave him his current power, the ability to destroy the galaxy and vent his evil. And the final piece of the puzzle clicks in place - Jim is Anubis - Anubis' chosen manifested form in his half-protrusion into the Ascended realm.

Back on Earth, the gate dials, and they can't stop it. Anubis has dialed every gate in the galaxy and prepares to unleash the superweapon. O'Neill, Teal'c and Carter can do nothing but wait for their fate. O'Neill begins the SGC's self-destruct sequence. It looks like it's the end.

However, back in the Ascended realm, Daniel has persuaded Oma. She must take responsibility for the mistake she made which has caused Anubis to be able to unleash so much evil, and she will not allow him to commit this greatest evil now. She stands up to fight Anubis, and all of the other ancients turn in surprise. Anubis laughs, saying that she cannot possibly defeat him, both of them being equally matched. Oma knows this, but also knows that so long as she is fighting him then he'll have to fight back, taking him out of the material cosmos and locking him into an eternal ethereal battle with her. The two of them collide and disappear in a flurry of light, locked in eternal combat. Anubis is gone from the universe forever, his last word a cry of terror of the hell that awaited him.

Then two miracles occur. The Dakara superweapon shuts down, and the self-destruct at the SGC freezes itself and shuts off—the latter of these events suggesting to some fans that Oma's being has gone beyond that of known ascension. The Stargate's wormhole closes. It's over.

Back in the Briefing Room, they can't understand what's happened. Anubis just disappeared. Teal'c and Bra'tac tell Sam and Jack that the Kull Warriors the Free Jaffa Nation were fighting suddenly became confused, as if their master were no longer there to tell them what to do. Anubis' forces are destroyed, leaving the team wondering whether it was Daniel's work, and thinking that he might have ascended again.

At that moment, they hear Daniel's voice coming from inside Jack's office. Jack goes to investigate and finds Daniel naked (as before). Jack hands Daniel a flag (choosing the SGC flag over the American flag) to cover himself up, and Daniel enters the briefing room, alive and himself once more.

The final scene is of Sam and Jack, fishing at Jack's cabin. She remarks on how they "should have done this years ago," while Jack replies that they shouldn't dwell on it. She remarks that there are no fish in the pond, and when Jack agrees she laughs. Daniel and Teal'c appear around the corner carrying lawn chairs and a cooler, having joined them on the trip, and the episode ends as Jack and Sam continue to cast out their fishing lines, smiling and happy.


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Notable quotes[]

Anubis: Worse than failure. Worse than cowardice. You have betrayed me. Did you not think I would not know what you have done? How can you still underestimate my powers?
Ba'al: Your methods were ultimately unnecessary, not when there was another way of defeating the Replicators.
Anubis: I will spare your life for the moment, only so you may witness the fruits of your labors. First, I will retake Dakara. Then, thanks to the modifications you've made to the Stargate, I will destroy every living thing in this galaxy, including you, all at once.
Ba'al: I do not understand. You could have modified the Stargate yourself.
Anubis: You have no way of knowing what is necessary and what is not in the grand design.
Ba'al: Whose grand design?
Anubis: Mine.

Tolok: Brother Bra'tac of Chulak and Teal'c of the Tau'ri, for your enduring courage and vision, for the strength of will that has brought us to freedom from the Goa'uld, a freedom we have yet to comprehend but one that will be determined by our own unfettered will, I bestow upon you the highest honor any Jaffa can know. From this day forward you will be known as Blood Kin, to all Jaffa!
(All Jaffa cheer. Tolok raises his hand and silences them and leads them all to kneel before Bra'tac and Teal'c.)
Bra'tac: (Raising him to his feet.) Brothers. From this day forward, no Jaffa shall bow before anyone and never again before a false god.
Tolok: Hail Brother Bra'tac!
Crowd of Jaffa: Hail!
Tolok: Hail Brother Teal'c!
Crowd of Jaffa: Hail!

(At Ethereal Diner)
Jackson: No Menus?
Oma: We don't need them here, just order what you like.
Jackson: Okay I'll have truth with side order of clarity, please.

Oma: You can't leave. You're not ascended yet. Walk through that door you're choosing the alternative.
Jackson: You're saying I'll be dead?
Oma: Pretty much.

Jackson: Can you tell me why you stopped me from killing Anubis the last time I was ascended?
Oma: Because if I didn't stop you the others would have, and they wouldn't have been as nice about it.
Jackson: You mean they wouldn't have erased my memory and left me naked on a planet?
Oma: That was your choice. Okay, maybe not the naked part.

Kerry: You know there's just one thing I don't understand.
O'Neill: Just one?
Kerry: Is the Air Force the only thing keeping you two apart?

Carter: This is great.
O'Neill: I told ya.
Carter: I can't believe we didn't do this years ago.
O'Neill: Yes, well, let's not dwell.
Carter: There are no fish in this pond, are there?
O'Neill: Nope.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • It is thought that Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Brigadier General Jack O'Neill began their relationship at the end of this episode; according to producer Joseph Mallozzi: "Still, despite the lack of official confirmation, it was only natural that [she and O'Neill] should get together after the events of "Threads" and, in my mind, they have been together ever since."
  • The episode originally aired as a 63-minute piece, but an edited 45-minute version exists for syndication. When the season was initially released on DVD, the release contained the shortened 45-minute version. Due to complaints, MGM offered a rebate, whereby people could send the proof of purchase with the shortened episode to receive a DVD with the original episode. The slimmer versions of the DVD for the season released later contained the full version however. Neither version has a commentary featured on any of the Season 8 Box sets.
  • The 45-minute version omits the following:
    • The "Previously on Stargate SG-1..." that is present in the 63-minute version.
    • The opening scene between Ba'al and the decaying Anubis where he says Ba'al has betrayed him.
    • The entire scene of knighting Bra'tac and Teal'c on Dakara - nothing is mentioned of Jaffa freedom save they have control of the weapon.
    • Some bantering between Pete Shanahan and Carter when they walk down the corridors of Stargate Command and the bantering between Carter, Pete and Jacob Carter.
    • The scene when Dr. Daniel Jackson is in the diner, along with Oma Desala explaining where exactly Jackson was and how he got there.
    • All scenes of Bra'tac and Teal'c on a ship.
    • Jacob Carter's comment to Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter on Selmak's opinion of Pete, and Jacob leaving.
    • O'Neill waking up with Kerry Johnson in his bed.
    • Jackson says "No syrup?" then tries to talk to the other Ancients in the diner.
    • The phone call from Pete, the florist scene and driving to the new house.
    • Carter waiting in the car outside O'Neill's house.
  • In The Ascended Times that Jackson is reading part of a headline which reads: 'Wraith on the way to Atlantis' can be seen, along with a screenshot of the Atlantis long range sensors display from the Stargate: Atlantis episode "The Brotherhood", showing the trio of Hive ships that assaulted the city in the Atlantis episode "The Siege, Part 2".
  • Other paper headlines include:
    • Jackson still undecided.
    • Astral Diner to be given infinite status.
    • Yoga NOT the path to enlightenment.
    • Ethereal Awareness Seminar to be held in Talnak Quadrant.
    • Edge of Universe Discovered.
    • Anubis plans to retake Dakara.
      • Exclusive information on his quest to destroy all life in the Milky Way galaxy.
      • He's back again and he's badder than ever.
        • Full Article: Sources today indicate that the monstrous evil that is Anubis, is about to commit his most horrific act yet. His ultimate plan is to destroy all life (no exceptions) in the Galaxy and start over, infesting it with a multitude of Kull warriors and other subservient drone-like beings whose only purpose is to serve and amuse him. When questioned, Anubis claimed: "I'm not such a bad guy, I just know what I like and I'm willing to kill everyone and everything to get it." His plans will come to be a huge surprise to the rebel Jaffa and Tau'ri alike. "They keep thinking they've bested me but it can't be done. Being partially ascended has its benifits [benefits]." This corporal creep had some words to say regarding his constant foes from the SGC. "That O'Neill is such a pain in the --- I'm particularly looking forward to pulling his arms off, over and over and over." What of his plans for the rest of the SG-1 team? "I thought I might have the shulva Teal'c skinned and made into a wall-hanging for my Peltac. Carter? Oh I've got something special in mind for her [,] give me time to muster my forces and set my plans for retaking Dakara in motion. I love the irony of dealing with such situations... [article is cut off],
    • Consciousness superhighway to go through.
      • Cognitive work slated to begin [after] completion of precognitive testing.
      • Gondolthian nebula.
      • The article states that the enhancement pods will be placed in 2-ly intervals like relay stations, and that several billion will be required for the project.
      • Note: The creator of the telepathic enhancement pods is "Assiv Isomoc", which is obviously a play on words to the famed science fiction author Isaac Asimov.
      • The article itself is written by Mere Gartin, a word play of Martin Gero, one of Stargate's screenwriters.
    • Secret plan revealed.
      • Anubis' dastardly plan to regain Ancient weapon of destruction.
    • Memoirs Laundry.
    • Family of Four Drowns in Transcendental Waterfall.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Anubis.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Oma Desala.


  • Several times, both Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Jacob Carter refer to Jacob's near-death in "The Tok'ra, Part 2", in SG-1's second season, as being four years ago. Either only four years have passed between the second and eighth seasons, or this is an error, and should be seven years.


  • Won Leo for "Dramatic Series: Best Lead Performance by a Female" (Amanda Tapping)
  • Nominated Leo for "Dramatic Series: Best Lead Performance by a Male" (Michael Shanks)

Other languages[]

  • French: Pour la vie (For Life)
  • Italian: Fili (Threads)
  • Spanish: Cabos Sueltos (Loose Ends)
  • Czech: Osobní záležitosti (Personal Affairs)
  • German: Jim
  • Hungarian: Elvarratlan szálak (Loose Ends)

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