While reading up on and updating the Icarus comic pages I found out that the Xi'an planet is actually P2S-569. So there's technically two pages of the same planet, sorry for the accident. Should the Xi'an non-canon info be moved over to the canon page or kept separate?

Also, on a similar topic, last year I noticed there were two pages for the new Stargate Roleplaying Game topic, the other page is a stub called Stargate Phoenix. I let the guy know there was already a page for it and tried asking the page creator is he was sure if that was the new game title since most stuff I've seen just calls it Roleplaying game but he never responded. Anyway, recently the storyline's working title was revealed as "Stargate: Phoenix - A Living RPG Series". So I tried to change the page info so it wasn't just a duplicate page, but it's still a stub as for now. So just letting you know in case you wanted to look to see if it should be kept, merged or deleted? *shrugs*

Thanks for your time and sorry again!

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